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Do people pass messages to each other on this board?

It looks like "Kings Way" is clearly "The Way". But, not at all sure what Kings Way is.
See, here is Kings Way...

Looking forward truth revealed.
The lies stealing & cheating need to be revealed as well as. Follow the money.
During layoffs and recession how does living the Kings Way not become public?
It will, soon. Justice is imminent.
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Then, there is confirmation it is The Way?

You new here?
This is the Oracle Way. Innovation is for pu$$ies. Overpaying for companies and technology is The Way. Bullying customers, employees and people who live in Lanai HI is the reason for being.
Seriously this is and has been Oracle’s reputation for literally decades.
If it is going to lead to the company’s demise, my only question is WHEN??

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Now, the only question is WHEN?

My question is WHEN, too?
Looks like upper mgmt wants to scale way back and focus on Cerner. Haven’t researched lately but last I read, seems Nvadia involvement is mostly stacked in Nvidias favor not so good for OCI. Seems like Oracle’s pricing is ridiculously low. Maybe Nvidia is going to save Oracle so much by replacing a large number of mid mgmt with AI and firing corrupt VP(s).
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Interesting isn't it?
I want to know WHEN too.

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Freudian slip?

treat people like the cr-p that they are

Must be a disgruntled employee who knows what they are.

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Here's a message. I hate that hard-working people that love thier work and have families and other responsibilities, have to get layed off while pompous VPs do as they please and treat people like the cr-p that they are. One day, most likely their "health" will come back to haunt them. You don't get to go through life treating people, badly without some sort of consequences.

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One fake football coach refers to himself here as LJE.

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Larger layoff pockets will happen sporadically as they have been for some time over the 4Q and the first Q. There are consolidations coming. Healthcare is the obvious focus.

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There are always layoffs, it is simply a question of scale.

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Does anyone on this board really know anything? Will there be any layoffs in the US? When?

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Seems pretty likely it's not random. Two different post with Kings Way and The Way uppercased in the middle of a sentence. No, not random.

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Could be a direct message or…Might just be random & not too much thought…, but if the shoe fits?

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If there is anyone out there that gives a sh-t, then NOW is the time to do something.

Because I am the company.

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So, is this the answer to WHEN?

Not expecting anything tomorrow, and a bigger blip next Tuesday, but the 6th of June will be D-day. You heard it here first. D-day.
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or is this the answer?

September 11 is the new D-day.
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