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Experience Portal is 💯SPIN! Avaya has no fully-baked Platform

Let's Address the Hard Core Facts. {#1 Rule -- No Marketing Jargon or Spinning of Facts}

  • -- What is so-called 'Experience Portal? For Real. What are the building blocks?
  • What can be Verified as Fully Baked TODAY? Not the decade long Avaya game where they sell on a promise then have to piece-together any disperate parts that never really work becoming an endless game of 'Road Map says it's coming so sit tight' years after it was sold.
  • Many report that Experience Portal is just Spaces waiting for an upgrade. Why do any clients need that if it's just a Teams or Zoom like tool? Why even bother with Avaya?

The noise about the endless stream of marketing spaghetti being thrown at the wall is obviously due to people being DONE with the BS. Why is the BS Spin Look Here/Not There game still occuring? Do they not know that Less is More? That all of us channel partners talk to one another (despite you all profiting for years based on the belief that we wouldn't share notes). We KNOW you can't properly execute Experience Portal. We know you are trying to stabilize us with marketing dollars. We are over it.

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AXP isn't overreaching for the portfolio like OneCloud was. It's specifically CCaaS/IX/Platform2. Enterprise Cloud, Aura, and CC-Elite are back (SH must be furious).

AXP isn't on Kazoo anymore either (that was another in a string of stupid decisions). It was moved to MPC and Avaya's white labeled carrier services (Telnyx) a few months ago.

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As far as I can tell, AXP is just a new overarching term to replace OneCloud. I say this because it covers seemingly on-prem, private and public.

The public CCaaS solution ought to be a solution named in its own right, but they’re trying to do a Genesys and make the whole on-prem to cloud move look “frictionless” when in both cases, they’re effectively a rip n replace and customers should go to market at least. (Btw, spoiler, there’s no “Aura” in the AXP CCaaS, it’s open source Kazoo switch! Lol)

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Funny timing for this spin piece.

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They WON another fabulous Super Awesome Special One-of-a-Kind VIP AWARD for.....Wait for it


It's from the C-Level Analyst Firm (not C Suite. As in A/B/C) they pay for because Avaya is blacklisted with Gartner after they attempted to JUMP the SHARK by hiring a Gartner Analyst to take the cheap route of maneuvering into the MQ.

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Avaya posted Experience Platform Social Media just today 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

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Since this post is about Real vs Award Winning Narrative, let's take a look at

Fiction vs Fact

NOVEMBER 23, 2021
*CRN: "Avaya spent 2021 shattering records in cloud, partner and subscription revenue. In the process, the formerly UC hardware giant has reversed more than a decade of annual revenue declines"

November 30, 2022
" Avaya disclosed material weaknesses in the Company’s internal control over finance and stated that the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for its fiscal year 2021 ended September 30, 2021, should no longer be relied upon "

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Yo A to the E to the P yo

I said A to the X to the P yo.

Tis all spin to an end.

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I do like how this post has journeyed as it represents reality.

  1. PRODUCT Avaya portfolio is vapor. It is a Hodge-podge combination of all legacy solutions simply rebranded (after being rebranded, & rebranded,etc etc). They are like that crazy Aunt who has been married 8 times and no one can remember her first husbands last name or which # husband name she decided to revert back to after her most recent divorce.
  2. SPIN A big reason as to why the charade has carried on for so long is because Marketing enthusiastically (or, sorry, I mean Passionately) paricipated in 'creating new narratives' and spinning lies to deflect from the lack of a solid product offering. If you ask many of the marketing folks, past and present, they are so addicted to the spin and hearing themselves speak that some of them even believe they invented the products themselves (yes, the non existent portfolio). Wouldn't even be shocked to learn that some of them attempted to get their names onto the IP (the circa 2003 IP) via a DeLorean. (And yes, living through the Benny Hill show that was marketing since late 2019 was an EXPERIENCE, to say the least. Let me know if there is a "Survivors of Avaya Marketing Nonsense" Support Group as I still have Spine-Chilling Flashbacks about the Happy Holidays Global Montage Social Media Message with CMO in a Santa Hat and night sweats over the TMI from the Avaya Life #)
  3. SEC I will never comprehend how few Avayans understand the basics of business operating rules. (Especially after Fall 2021 when Avaya suddenly had a total focus on Business Ethics and we had to do even more employee training sessions). There is the SEC focused primarily on publicly traded organizations, yet they do have scope beyond that when applicable. Even outside of being public there are regulations and standards. SEC Investigations are long. They don't just walk away b/c Avaya went private. In fact, going private is a data point to any ongoing investigation. {See the attached link of a private start-up that lied about it's customer base when JP Morgan acquired them. Bad on JP for bad Due-Diligence, however, this woman is now accountable to the SEC for deliberately manipulating data to falsely present client base--and she was a private company when she did that.}

Also, dozens of you over the last 45 days have laughed at the mention of the SEC as if all SEC problems have evaporated. Not. Even. Close. If you read insiders reports (regulated market insiders) they have all shared that the SEC is handling FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Requests following the playbook when there is an ongoing investigation. They are ignoring inquiries. Missing published deadlines. Sending letters saying there is a 'complication' from another group and will respond again after they miss the next deadline. Etc. Etc. Out of the SEC Playbook when there is an ongoing investigation. All variables are considered. Marketing Spin. Mis-representing client base & product availability. It's NOT simply "blame ex CEO & CFO).

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All I want to know is this...

Will my COBRA cover the removal of my Avaya Brand?

I trust I inquire for all of us who need to remove this permanent scare of personal branding.

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Your employee shares or any of the short sellers anger has zero relevance to Directors and Officers continuing to make false claims.

Any claims made during or after employment about the time period of the company being public, when one is an actual Director is directly relevant to making false statements.

Are you trying to claim he actually did achieve the first time growth in a decade? I myself am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and this is just a posterity exercise to let a guy off the hook.

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The comment a out D&Os is SPOT on. Always mind blowing how few Avaya employees understand public companies.

This is a regulated industry.
That's why Apollo and Avaya board needed to bring it private to try to lock down a great deal of accountability.

Masarek can't be blamed for the claims of celebratory year over year growth. In fact, Masarek was the first and possibly only to stop perpetuating the BS 90m seats claim and share that Avaya has 30m UCaaS and 3m CPaaS seats that collected revenue.
Masarek has taken a lot of shix for the claims he made about avoiding BK, and that was likely b/c he was doing everything to prevent the Apollo take over and unnecessary BK.

Enjoy bullying. Doesn't change facts. And evidence being collected.

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look everybody! This board is not just populated with world class marketers, product managers, and sales people with proven performance track records…now we have SEC compliance officers and attorneys at law as well!

The Layoff, Inc.

The fact is the former CMO can say whatever he wants on his LinkedIn about supposed accomplishments AFTER HIS EMPLOYMENT TERMINATED AT AVAYA. That’s not evidence of anything. If someone invested because SH was puffing up his resume after he wasn’t employed at Avaya, that person is a fool.

There are plenty of instances of Masarek outright lying to investors (no BK)…yet the majority of this board aim their ire at people who don’t really matter and then act like they’ve found the smoking g-n. My life savings is gone. A screenshot of a former employee inflating his resume after he was let go, no matter how highly up the chain he previously was, is going to bring that back.

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Am I the only one lost on the following post--

  • not just one "your an id--t" but they had to complete the paragraph with another "id--t"?

C'mon folks.

  • We can't promote our way out of any of the real facts.

Before you decide to actually type a comment, at least have verifiable facts to back your statement. You literally fly off the handle with hyperbole, and decided to add two "id--ts" to emphasize your point because you didn't have the facts to support it.

Isn't that HOW Avaya got into this most embarrassing situation? Isn't the making up of facts and gaslighting any smart-enough-to-notice critic precisely how we ended up here?

I'm implore you to do better. Be better. bullying and favoritism to certain groups isn't going to dig us out.

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Guess your not fluent on "Employment of Manipulative and Deceptive Practices" SEC Rule 10b-5?

Individual citizens voted the congressman in NY. They chose him.
Shareholders. Institutional Investors. Pensioners who invested into Avaya don't get to "vote" in a Director and Officer. Only those with a significant percent can elect themselves to the board. Those groups rely on the established Rules of operating as a public organization.
Those Rules include Officers and Directors being truthful and not misleading anyone with false narrrative or false reporting (such as year over year growth when in fact revenues declined, it was just the false reporting of subscription ARR).

***How Rule 10b-5 Works
Rule 10b-5 is the SEC's (SEC) main basis for investigating possible security fraud claims. Violations of the rule include executives making false statements to elevate share prices, a company hiding huge losses or low revenue with creative accounting practices, or actions taken to grant current shareholders a better return on their investments—as long as the deception remains undiscovered. These schemes typically require ongoing, misleading statements to perpetrate fraud***

This is a broken record. Too many of you believe that if you didn't work in finance you are not accountable. ALL DIRECTORS & OFFICERS are accountable. Even if they are British and ignore the rules of the SEC. They were employed by an SEC Regulated Organization. They signed to accept the Director Role.

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Record Growth
(When in fact it was significant decline)
Created a Narrative
(False Statements to mislead market)
Statements of an individual who was an official DIRECTOR of the Company
(& NO. NOT IN TITLE Director. a "D" Director. As in D's & O's -- Directors & Officers. Directors and Officers are accountable for words long after they depart. He signed some paperwork agreeng to be an official D of the company. For example, his fellow brit gal, she was not an official D, even if she had a VP title)

Fascinating the lack of corporate knowledge presented by many. Pathetic that the clueless call those who do possess corporate legal knowledge as 'id--ts'. You should feel proud and super smart. 👍

All EVIDENCE for the SEC Active Investigation

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The id--t telling people to save a screenshot of someone’s LinkedIn page or Twitter account because “it’s evidence” is an id--t.

A guy was elected to congress with a totally made up resume, life story, and history…SH certainly had delusions of grandeur but his LI page, updated after his departure from the company, isn’t proof of anything…

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  • Tell everyone we are #1 (no validated data, no idea how many seats or any scope on revenue generating base of business)

✓Year over Year Growth!

  • Via an Accounting Scheme to reclassify clients under Subscription with significantly bloated ARR PROJECTIONS (yet reporting the PROJECTIONS as hard cash revenue)
  • I claim my success in over 190 Countries, yet Avaya filed Chapter 11 less than 2 yrs later and didn't include those countries I claim my success in....thereby giving more Easter eggs about where the money was hidden to achieve the conspired bankruptcy filing! Bravo!

Hey! You too can be #1 CMO if you are agreeable to misrepresent and lie just to get the C- Job!Experience Economy is a fun game anyone can play. It has less rules than Monopoly!

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Brand New NARRATIVE!!!???


  • #1 -- SEC, Please tell me you are reading these
  • #2 -- When are these brand nincompoop's going to figure out that Less is More? They just keep exposing themselves further

NOTE -- Please Save screenshots of his Page. It is evidence

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Loving the LinkedIn achievement summary of the ex-CMO - The Gartner 'Experience Guy', '...Created a brand new narrative for this $multi-billion organization to help achieve the first year over year growth in over a decade. Led the marketing effort in 190 countries across the world and in 62 languages. Recognised as CMO of the year at GITEX 2021'.
I can barely type for laughing...

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Post ID: @3wym+1m0nidDM is Everything!
"... Definitely Feel like I have been Personally Branded"
Ha. So true. Aren't we all walking around with the Avaya Scarlet Letter.

We are now discovering that building a personal brand empire requires Year 7 (middle-school)-level book reports about leadership books (with an under 3000 character limit). God Save the King.

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How much money did Avaya loose on private cloud? Few customers joined and it seems like for ever to deploy the solutions and some of customers where in ibm cloud. Sound like no one at avaya ever did any business calculation to see how much the cost are and how much to change customers

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Well it seems good things come from employee layoffs. All the companies that support avaya products are started by former avaya employees. I rember taking some sort teaining demo that was running in google cloud used fusionpbx and some other avaya products and it allowed chating and calls it seems like product that could transormed avaya that was started by layoff employees I am sure they ki-led it . Why does avaya solution requires so many servers ?

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The Avaya marketing slogans are accurate. Being laid off has been an experience that matters. And I definitely feel like I have been personally branded.

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Once the Masterwrecker joined he fooled everyone into thinking they be no CH11, it gave confidence to people to invest including many many employees, he wiped them out and then had the arrogance to suggest Avaya would have one of the strongest Balance Sheets in the industry, all fcuking lies, that's his legacy to Avaya " The Masterwrecker"

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The Gartner 'Experience Guy' is also who created the upside down consumer promotions which encouraged #Avayalife posts (As if we are a consumer brand) which led to the investors discovering what complete mo--ns we were because we had more posts about personal branding and our visit to the hair salon than we did addressing our key clients questions or share HOLDERS (yes, they BOUGHT ownership into the company. They held shares).
That was a lot of 'Experiences'

  • We Experienced total humiliation when outsiders discovered what fools were running Avaya (we all had internally giggled and sneered at what the marketing people were doing, we just had assumed no one else was watching). And when it was exposed they spent 3+mos doubling down and fighting with their critics. It was hard to not watch (I have gapers neck), impossible to not feel sick over the unprofessionalism of Avaya ignorant egos
  • An Experience Economy where we experienced all share value be stolen by Apollo
  • Bankruptcy Experience.

It's safe to state we never want to hear the word EXPERIENCE in our branding ever again!

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Are you saying
Fake It 'Til You Make It Isn't a Successful Strategy?
What is most difficult to comprehend is the volume of people who enthusiastically jumped into the Fake It standard operating procedure.

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The Avaya organization and its capabilities has been a lie for years. It’s been a lie to shareholders, lie to investors, lie to distributors, lie to partners, lie to end user customers. Avaya has been a fraudulent business for many years. It’s no surprise they filed Chapter 11 again after being bailed out in 2017.

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The reason the whole EXPERIENCE Alphabet Soup launched out of total control was because we hired a mid level Gartner analyst and gave him a C-Suite role.

In 2020, Gartner grabbed onto the emerging soundbyte of "Experience Economy", which was not new (first coined in late 90s) and not attributable to Gartner (despite Avaya marketing always claiming Gartner came up with it).

So it became a perfect storm of taking a product that already had an *Experience" moniker and foolishly expounding it as a cheap and ridiculous way to create relevant connection to the Gartner soundbyte. It then became a complete and total runaway train of emptiness and vapor ware.

Also, let's not forget that all of the vapor ware promotion cost $$. $$ that DID NOT go to product management or R&D. I suspect those behind the products were equally frustrated as they had no resources yet they witnessedll the marketing silliness.

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Agreed. No product.
And think of marketing as a NOUN.
(I believe because our marketing people are narcissists that everyone assumes when someone states "marketing" they mean people. Let's go back to what the use of the word normally means)

"the activity or business of promoting and selling PRODUCT or services
The folks who worked as PRODUCT MARKETING 2020-2022 are who really took the Experience _____Portal/Platform and One Cloud to epic bullsh-t levels and should be as accountable as the actual product owners.

The marketing is all false. Always has been. I agree with the Look Here/Not There comment.
If it weren't for the false marketing the people who dropped the ball were never addressed. The solutions would have had to come up to speed if the facts were the facts. Instead, everyone drank the Kool Aid. Sadly, most assume that now, due to the restructuring being approved, we are out of the dog-house and it's back to 1 year ago. Still perplexed by how few of my colleagues understand what Chapter 11 really means. And those with arrogance to act like we somehow showed our haters appear to be complete and total fools. The worst of our days hasn't even begun.

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Experience Platform is vapor. It’s run by people who never faced any accountability for missing deadlines, not outlining a vision for the product other than to copy Nice & Genesys, and keep acting like it’s a sellable product.

I get everyone hates marketing. They’ve definitely got their issues but why do these posts never call out the root problem…there’s nothing new to sell other than a maintenance renewal?

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Avaya. LCAP

Lose Clients & Alienate Partners
Place to Work.

Where a most passionate marketing group will secure their relevance by making up names of non existent platforms and never-to-market solutions

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Why not rename it 'Avaya Destination place to work experience portal'

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Experience portal, experience platform whatever its called, no use arguing about what to call it. They are just gonna rename it again in 2 quarters.

Marketing has nothing better to do since no new products are getting released so instead, they just rename the old to have something to post on LinkedIn.

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Another product 'marketing' three letter acronym fail... AXP, AEP! Almost as memorable as the FIVE letter acronym, ACCCM... The OP's question is interesting. When I've posed the question on Avaya webinars '...What's AXP built on? Is the code brand new?' their response is vague to the point of evasive. Can only conclude it's a mash-up of legacy Elite, BSR, Advocate, AACC, Breeze, Analytics, Orchestration Designer, etc.
Interesting the document for AXP still uses old naming convention in the URL 'OneCloud CCaaS'!!

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YES! I am a partner and I have saved all "roll outs", viewed all remote interviews, etc.
The so called "content" from Content Makering is total cr-p. I only trust my SE
And the poor SE's have to go "rogue" to tell us truth, because it's a no-no to correct marketing when marketing flops.
What a joke! The REAL SEs should run marketing. Not the guy who was pushed out as an SE b/c he would care more about telling the audience what they wanted to hear for his own ego than what was real. I will only trust a marketing person if they don't care about promoting themselves. Marketing people should be invisible.

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Think you mean Avaya Experience Platform (AXP) rather than Avaya Experience Portal (AEP), which is a premised-based solution with a fairly large install base. Whoever the brainiacs were in marketing that decided upon the AXP name have managed to confuse not only our customers but Avayans alike.

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So Experience Portal is not Experience Platform,
Or it is Experience Portal Platform?

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Ahem, Experience Portal is a real product with a large base. Experience Platform needs to grow 100x units and 1000x revenue to overtake the competitors. All you need to do is maximize the portfolio is stop selling the stuff that makes $2Bn and transform 1000x. Become a transformer or be laid off!

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