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Still a rep, on pace to do the same this year. Thoughts?

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The more you grow pal, the more they take pal.
Been there, saw that, felt that pal.
Those days of taking are coming to an end pal.

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that last post was so elegantly and accurately stated, that i am left without words…..almost !

hey meehans , you saaaaaawwk!

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I wouldn't be bragging about your income. Your either a buddy of the owners or
sounds like you have received many accounts Mason's laid off over 2300 employees and told them they would be brought back soon/ I think they are still waiting.
Oh wait a minute buddies got let go too. You're a fraud.
Besides if you are making that amount of money you're a furniture guy, not supplies. No buckets for furniture. You know about the buckets right. Move products around withoiut telling sales reps what you doing. You know like that class action lawsuit.
Again you're a fraud.
Question from me is how do you sleep at night?
How many hours a day are you a customer service rep.?
Go look at from 5 to 10 years ago and see the despicable things that the owners/managers did and how they treated employees there and what those employees said about those people and what they did. If social media found out those things, it might get ugly.
Those people are still there at Masons.
This is a company that just settled several lawsuits on stealing sales reps commissions in three different states. Have settled other lawsuits and you're bragging? What a fraud.
So you're bragging on how much money you're making. Who does that?
Or a loyal Mason employee who is drunk on the company Kool Aid and they told you to write that like they tell employees to write nice things about Mason's on the Glassdoor web site.
I wouldn't even go back there if they offer me $250K with a car a a cc from AMEX, lots of reps were that income.
Watch the door buddy as you leave the office, it may hit you where the sun doesn't shine and watch your back if you'r are real sales rep. They are watching your income to take it back away from you like they did for everyone since they got rid of Pegasus.
Did you go to Stonehill U?
So go off and be a good employee.
Don't come back.
We can smell you critters a mile away.
Oh how come I never see Mason's as a top employer in the Boston Globe ?
We all know the reasons don't we?

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Sounds like you have skills that could be transferred to another company, if need be, so good for you. You have options!

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There's a hiring freeze, sales are down, half the company gone, $325 million loan taken out to pay off lawsuits, but nice job to the one employee that had a salary increase of 0% compared to last year.

Company sounds like it's in a great spot.

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i think that’s wonderful. I don’t know who you are , what kind of man/woman you are etc, but i am sincerely happy that you are making a good living.

On the other hand, the company is, and has always been, an HR nightmare. Commission stealing from employees, pushing counterfeit products at inflated pricing during a crisis , harassment, etc is wrong , dishonest , unethical and the judgement day( in court) is coming !!

You probably work pretty hard, so you deserve the compensation. The meehans stole and cheated and lied, so the 5.6 million is just a start of them getting their just reward. Can’t wait until they lose the next round of lawsuits!

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