Thread regarding Avaya layoffs

Whatever happened to the whistle-blower report?

I want to know which former executives were cooking the books. Cheerico? Chicone?

For the people in the back, blondie needs to get fired ASAP.

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Thiefs and Clowns, the lot of the them.
All selfishly working their own agenda, whether that be equity stealing, SEC info trading a la Shah, or posturing oneself to be an executive when they were the miller light promotions person as recent as Dec 2019.

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Finally SOMEONE gets it...all of the distractions (the $10M bonus, the whistleblower, the ongoing antics of KK, etc) keep everyone from seeing the real crime: A CEO hired who focused on STEALING from his employees.

TAKE NOTE OF WHO he was making sure was taken care of as he negotiated that whole pre-pack thing with Apollo and the other lenders...himself. He wouldn't agree to the bankruptcy until HE got HIS, wherever it came from. Did he take care of his employees? No. Overnight HE received equity in the new company while overnight EMPLOYEES lost theirs. The line between those two points isn't dotted...its in big, black, bold print.

The employees he supposedly represents as CEO? He left them in the road with tire tracks on their backs and then he picked their damned wallets.

How does an organization run by a crook attract talent to join this "DPTW"? By running distractions that keep people from seeing the REAL truth and the REAL crime.

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Whistle blower was just a smoke screen to get people distracted from what was really happening, an asset grab by Apollo and the Masterwrecket played everybody , think about it

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To be clear, there was never an official whistleblower report that was ever made public. There was reference based on Avaya mishandling an internal concern that an emplyee had reported in 2021. That's not to say there were not subsequent whistleblower claimsade directly to the SEC. And I agree, Shefali Shah has clearly played along for her own CYA soni trust she has thrown everyone under the bus.

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