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This is just outright shocking

Been with this company for many years (was impacted this time) and like others saw many many layoffs throughout the years, since it is Sabres nature to do layoffs. This massacre is just outright shocking and so many of the folks let go were the glue within their teams. So horribly put together with the 10 day announcement. One thing that was about as unclassy as it gets was during the town hall a mention of layoffs and almost in same breath, but oh, those left will get a raise in July. Seriously, could you have left that unmentioned until the "all people have been notified" email went out and then let them know about July raises. Then the badly written GW note that went out last week. Looks like "someone" didn't let Corp Com proofread the broadcast before sending it. The financial ramifications will be interesting and I know they expect attrition afterwards, but I think Sabre may be in for a HUGE surprise that the attrition will end up much higher than their formula of how many will look for new jobs. Still a lot of great folks left but they will have to deal with the low performers still at Sabre.

This should be in its own thread, since @dmk+1mE5FRDI absolutely hit the nail on the head.

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Yes, right on the point. They will go after the old ones who been there with the company longest. To cut the cost down on the individual employees benefit expenses per department.

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