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Number of job levels in Sabre

I was laid off on 15 May and when I spoke with a recruiter, she asked about the job levels in Sabre to match my role with her organization. I can't remember the total number of job levels in Sabre. Can someone please let me know?

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There are multiple job levels
L1 - CEO
L2 - C level
L3 - Senior VP
L4 - VP / Executive Principal
L5 - Senior Principal II / Sr. Director
L6 - Snr Principal I / Director
L7 - Principal II
L8 - Principal
L9 - Lead
L10 - Senior Software Engineer
L11 - Software Engineer III

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I recalled it should be 3 levels of individual contributors, manager/principal, senior manager, director/senior principal, senior director/executive principal, vp, svp, evp

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For the above there is also senior manager, senior director and then equivalent to a vp, an executive principal.

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And you mixed both tracks - technical and people… technical track went: associate, contributor, senior, lead, principal, senior principal and executive principal (VP equivalent) - people track had VP, SVP, EVP.

After so called realignment with “The Market” they renamed associate and contributor to Software Engineer 1 and 3 respectively. Added 2 and 4 in between. As well as inserted Principal 2 before Senior Principal.

So after changes it went:
Senior Engineer 1, 2, 3, 4
Lead (Supervisor)
Principal 1 (Manager)
Principal 2 (Senior Manager)
Senior Principal 1 (Director)
Senior Principal 2 (Senior Director)
Executive Principal (VP)

I didn’t know anyone above ExP

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if i remember right, it goes something like this: junior, senior, lead, principal, senior principal, manager, director, vp, senior vp

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