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$270K Fraud

Saw your post - still making the $270K - Still not a fraud just moving along and playing the game… Better than you did obviously. :( Happy all you studs got a reality check and furloughed. I sleep well at night. Thanks for all the accounts if you guys/gals showed any type of value you’d still be around - not my problem I’m raking it in.

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That one WB rep may be doing well, but have you seen the sales numbers lately? YIKES! NOT GOOD!

Amazon is stealing accounts and reps from us. And paying them more.

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This is such a corporate post it’s hilarious. It might be CM himself because we all know he gets bu-t hurt but it’s probably one of those regional managers living in a different time zone/state, than the one they manage.

“I make $270k a year but I can’t creep on any new girls because all we hire is drivers that don’t deliver”.

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Come one, come all, Stonehill kids! Throw your money away at Leo's Business School of Bull-s**t!

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Doesn't that sound fun, kids?!

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the fraud term is correct—-mason just settled a commissions fraud suit for over 5 million!!

The 3M mask and price gouging lawsuit is another fraud.

Who rips off customers and employees??

Who but wb mason.

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By its own reporting on sites such as Dunn , etc, Mason was still down compared to prior to the layoffs .

There are still pending lawsuits in value of excess of 5 million ( that’s just the 3M counterfeit one).

Where i live, i can easily count at least 30 amazon trucks per day . I do not see the mason trucks everyday . I used to see them multiple times per day .

No more ballgame tix, and apparently no more consumer trade shows, no more Foxwoods.

Glad you are doing well personally, but the reality is your company saaaaaaaawks and is no where near what they were. Amazon does things better, cheaper , and doesn’t continue to make the Forkups that mason is well know for.

read the reviews. sure, i would expect a negative or two , but it’s overwhelming how less than 36% of employees will recommend the company to a friend . For those of you who possibility went to that prestigious school outside of brockton, that’s basically 2 out of 3 would not .

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