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Done with USAA

I'm tired of working my a-s off for substandard pay and ridiculous benefits. I was going to wait to be laid off but I can't. I got an offer and while it's more responsibilities, at least I will be paid adequately for what I'm going to be doing. I feel bad about leaving my team in a lurch but I have to look out for myself and my family. And my mental health can't take one more day at this place.

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@xtq+1mW3C3Ud I’m not sure where you came from but I haven’t found that to be true at all. Benefits like PTO, insurance, even the asinine healthy points I’ve found in multiple organizations I’ve interviewed with. The only downgrade would be if you’ve been at USAA 5+ years you’d lose some PTO but you’d gain it back with seniority. You’d lose the nice campus, the cafes, and Starbucks. That’s it. A lot has changed outside the gates in the last couple of years.

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Coming from Citi, the health, dental, and vision insurance is a downgrade. The pension is a perk, yes, and the extra 2% 401k match is nice as well. Pto is also a down grade. Ay citi, you get the same vacation days plus 6 sick days and federal holidays off! Pay is about the same.

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To be perfectly blunt, USAA’s benefits are well above average. They are truly not “ridiculous.” I have just as many frustrations with USAA as everyone else and have extremely strong feelings about Wayne and his horrendous leadership, but credit where credit is due, looking objectively at the benefits, they are quite good.

  • The 401(k) match is outstanding.
  • The PTO is outstanding. The fact that you can even buy more after getting five weeks from day one is pretty stellar.
  • The pension is meh, and the poor replacement for Retirement Plus, but I would challenge you to find any company that has a 401(k) match as generous as USAA in addition to a pension.
  • The insurance is good. It’s comparable to other large companies, but it gets the job done. I do wish that the HSA was through Fidelity, but you can simply roll the funds over to a different brokerage if you want.
  • Extremely generous paternity/maternity leave.
  • Extremely generous education assistance.

Wayne’s USAA is a morale hellhole, but the benefits are objectively good. We are deluding ourselves if we think that they aren’t. I challenge you to find any company that has all of the same benefits or better.

And here’s the thing: the benefits can be good _and_ Wayne and his direct reports can be terrible leaders. Both can be true at once. To use the trite phrase: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

None of this is a defense of Wayne and USAA’s current state. It’s just the reality. You can get paid more elsewhere. You can find decent benefits elsewhere. But you’d be hard pressed to get paid more and have better benefits and have remote work and have good morale and have job security all at the same company. You’ll make compromises somewhere. You might find a company with better 401(k) match, but less PTO. You might find more PTO, but no education assistance. You might find completely free health insurance, but no 401(k) match. If you find a unicorn that is better in every way, you would be absolutely out of your mind to stay at USAA.

Just because Wayne is a piece of sh-t doesn’t mean that everything about the company is horrible.

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The insurance is not very good. For the dental HMO the only place that takes it near me is Aspen dental.
I just went to the doctor & one of my presciptions wasn't even covered by my plan! I dread getting the bill for the visit.

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Those "good" benefits come with many caveats and if you sit down and actually weigh the one week of extra PTO vs other firms and the extra 401k match you dont get that much more it seems you are truly brainwashed. Yes at USAA you may get an "extra" week of pto vs other firms but you dont get sick time, and you get less holidays than at a normal bank. In addition those now 4 days in office (vs 2 or 3) mean you will be spending alot more time and wear and tear commuting. In additino if you are in ERC and remote there are ZERO opportunities for promotion or moving within the company. Everytime you log into your computer you dont know if a layoff notice is coming today or not. At the end of it all are those "extra" benefits actually worth working for a shitshow like USAA?

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Ridiculous benefits?!?!? I feel we have some of the best I have ever seen. I hope you negotiated good pay with your change. I did when I came to USAA. My problem is now my location. USAA doesn’t see me in their future.

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