Thread regarding MetLife Inc. layoffs

BLACKROCK tells MetLife

What to do. If you haven’t realized this as of yet, it is BlackRock that instructs the company what they need to do.

Blackrock CEO: “At BlackRock we are forcing behaviors…you have to force behaviors”

This applies to the companies they have a large stake in.

We are all being forced to change our behaviors at MetLife.

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To the OP… Who cares?

Assuming you work at MetLife (and are not just trolling), how does any influence BlackRock may have on MetLife, impact you on a day to day basis?

This is the way the world works… companies work for their shareholders. Some of them just happen to be huge companies themselves.

[insert yawn emoji here]

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What is the Blackrock connection to MetLife?

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Same is true for all large corporations. Now we know why our government did not enforce anti-trust legislation. The surviving mega-corporations will institute our corrupt government's tyrannical agenda. Or more accurately, our government merged with the mega corporations will implement the WEF agenda.

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