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Want to know marketing at Avaya is a joke?

We have had to endure the painstaking social media of the newly appointed "head of" whatever she does for partners. What's better do you ask? Her boss who has no marketing experience whatsoever being awarded this marketing top 50 award.
This is shameful. P.S. In the midst of bankruptcy, how much are we paying to go to the channel partners event?

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Ha! Just as someone pedicted in a previous comment.

Avaya PAID awards by one of their go to retainer fee for service partners! It never fails.

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For the love of God.
Doesn't even know how to apply the phrase.

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All I know is this. Avaya is not the place that can fund anyone who spends every waking moment curating some personal brand (via Avaya tasks or not). Enough already.

Tim Denning Says it Best
***The Supposed Experts Are Wrong
Look carefully at the people peddling the snake oil personal brand garbage. The vast majority of them have never done the thing they are preaching. There is a HUGE difference between an expert and someone who pretends to be. Personal branding forcefully pushes the focus towards the importance of one’s self.
Instead of building a brand and acting like you have your own reality TV show and are the most important thing in the world right now, you can ditch all of that sh-t and just be useful***

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If you fail to see comments about her appearance you’re truly blind. It’s tiresome and it’s giving Masarek cover to get away with stealing from his employees.

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Agree. Stop giving her ammunition.

Yet I don't see anywhere that looks are commented on. I read it as the annoyance comes from the lack of real looks. Just be real. why the extreme altering of pics (let alone the volume of pics).

And while I plead for it to drop. The selfie posts outnumber the comments 20:1.
Stop the selfies and hopefully we can all live in peace

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First off - Masarek the thief thanks you for that. Remember, Alan just stole all of your stock purchases/RSUs and put them in his wallet. But, by all means...keep focusing on KK. Eye on the prize folks.

Second - The idea that anyone on here was providing "coaching" to KK is laughable. Let's be honest, we're all picking on her. It's not like we want her to change. I'm beyond tired of reading it. Everyone on here hides in the darkness behind anonymity. Grow a pair and post responses to her stuff under your real name...I know how most of y'all look in real life, and let me tell you there's no room for any of y'all to be critiquing anyone's looks.

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Don't fret.
It just takes time to edit & glam all of the pics. They will come. They ALWAYS come

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Fortunately, we didn't have to relive her Atlanta trip, highlighted by a Hotel Bathrobe Selfie.

*Recall when we had to see the selfies of stripper boots on the plane, then being drunk during layover in Texas where she just had to buy a Longhorns hat because 'she was in the south", just to "discover" once she landed in Atlanta that they don't care for Texas and Texas is not the south.
But the highlight was the Hotel Bath Robe selfies before the conference, where Avaya paid for her to be on stage where she exposed her lack of qualifications to ever be on stage*

And if it ended there.
She had to then spend 72-hrs posting snappy zingers toward anyone who dared to coach her and address the situation. Declared how the world wants to hear from her, simply because of her age, and that people need to accept she is the right kind of influencer.
Then she swung all the way over to beginning a 'book club" simply because she finally decided to read a book. Can't just read a book. Need to make it a book club and post about it

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I've read in horror. Yes she is an absolute shyteshow & has outlived 15 million lives on social media as if she is ED TV/ but seriously, don't any of you realize that the only reason she is there is because of these comments which she has used to her advantage to play victim!!!!!??? Get a grip! I know the person they have weakly (yes, strength) used to claim is behind this, and that person has begged me to coach others to never pay attention to the uncombed straw hair extensions and the I want to have carrie underwood body rotation.
Real class action. NOT

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It's all about herself. Not Avaya. Not the brand. And certainly not about how to move the needle in the channel. This is her big coming out party. She gets to meet CEO. So. Rather than be the behind the scenes marketing person, it's GAME ON or whatever ridiculous sports pun that will definitely be applied, where the declarations are about a team, yet a series of carefully photoshopped selfies will somehow be what defines a team and punish our eyes for even daring to look. But he will see her magnificentness, and her phallic mini mic, and will instantly discover that she needs to be celebrated and promoted because she is a middle aged millennial who is even more important than the customer. I wouldn't be shocked to learn it is she who is declaring her boss to have zero marketing skills. Apparently the only way to attain marketing skills for Avaya is to work promotions as a seasonal worker for an NFL Franchise where you went around to local bars and gave away promos sponsored by Miller Light. Just look up the "Street Team". Each franchise team has one.

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Marketing is...
An unfortunate mix of some very "loud" bad appointments that sadly make the whole group look ridiculous.
One of the loudest is gone. They were good, just not in the capacity they were used. It became too much. He combined his "hobby" with Avayas brand and it went way way way too far. Had they remained as an advisor, not as a spokesperson,even he would likely admit things would have been better. He hired a person who was his wanna be. And what do they say, 2 Wrongs don't make 1 Right? Yes. Indeed. That is what happened there. And that one lingers. Has clearly been advised to pipe down but that will not be possible.

I do feel for all of the Doers in marketing. They've had to endure a lot of criticism because of the loud ones. I also agree, JC is not the problem . He's one of the good ones. He knows Channel Marketing like the back of his hand and has the respect of real partners. That is immediate revenue connection and his ability to gain the trust of partners is the only hope Avaya has. They can't go get new anything through so called "promotion". It's the history he has with partners and knowledge of the unique sub set of channel marketing that is Avayas only saving grace.

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Beam Me Up, Scotty!

There is no need to worry about how the in-person person will look nothing like the photoshopped AI filtered Pics. Lest we Forget the circus man CMO's greatest contribution to Avaya --🥁...

The Hologram Box!
PS. He spent a pretty penny on that Mork from Ork Distraction. The Proto Epic Box is available for $60,000 while the Proto M Enterprise

  • Now the real question is, will the real person be projected or the AI generated image be projected?

Still shaking my head about how the CMO spent thousands to pay for that box to be sent around to trade shows...all the while Avaya couldn't get clients to sign on for the cloud, let alone a NEVER ROI Hologram gimmick!

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How is one "head of" when their boss is "head of"?
Something tells me said boss doesn't even use the neon lights look at me label of head of

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Leadership tends to look the other way when people inflate their seniority with ridiculous "Head of" fake titles.

In fact, it's offensive to clients and partners. For years I've always signed my email or printed my biz cards with a deflated title, even when I was a VP. Clients do NOT care for titles beyond the VIP handshake visit of a C Suite or SVP who is engaged to show the client respect.

They don't need a low level person calling themselves head it just gives impression that Avaya is blowing the money that should be given to clients and partners in discounts to the bizarre bobbing heads.

And we all know this one in particular uses it to inflate themself as they shop for a new job and solicit on line dates

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Jc (-colvon, not -hirico) is solid and extremely tenured. "marketing" for channel is not typical marketing. He runs circles around anyone else and I'm actually impressed leadership knew enough to value him.

Now the BS awards. Don't blame that JC. It's the fricken overall marketing group that spends 20 % of their time submitting anyone in marketing for an award.
Just like channel --
Avaya channel leadership is a revolving door. Yet each and every channel leader gets named "Channel leader of the Year". Total bullsh-t. I recall one of the times the guy was named it 2 mos after taking the job. It has nothing to do with the individual. It was the timing of Avaya pay to play. As always.
Case in Point

Will her AI Avatar show up to the conference? I implore you all to ignore that shyte show. They use criticism as an excuse to be a victim. Totally tone deaf

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