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Hi Alan, can you list your achievements since joining Avaya, you came and spoke a big game but we can't see any home run so far.

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The MIP is outlined in the cleansing statement from December and was mentioned in Theo King’s post-mortem from late December.

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Where are you getting the information that he has been given 10 percent equity?

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10% of the company is worth at least $150M, even more when he sells the company.

He was hired to lead a company, not steal from its employees. Alan took everyone’s ESPP and RSUs and transferred those to his own wallet.

That’s the real crime here. His best sleight of hand trick is getting everyone to focus on stupid **** like KK antics, stupid slogans like DPTW, or his $10M bonus while he’s picked our pockets.

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Alan is welcome to this so called 10% equity in the new company, 10% of a tu-d pile is still a big tu-d pile..

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While you id--ts keep harping about KK and her antics and put together lists like this about Masarek, you’re missing the big picture. 10M is a red herring…he’s getting 10% equity in the new company….so all of those stock shares you bought under ESPP or RSUs that never vested…went DIRECTLY to him. That’s what we all should be pi---d about.,

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  1. “We won’t be delisted from NYSE.” ✔️
  2. “We will not be filing bankruptcy.” ✔️
  3. “We’ll have financial remediation and all this “noise” will be behind us by end of Nov 2022.” ✔️
  4. “What we have to do will happen fast, we’ll rip the band-aid off.” ✔️
  5. “If we do settle in court, we can set aside a fund for employees that participated in ESPP.” ✔️
  6. “We’re going to build a DPTW.” ✔️
  7. “Necessary lay-offs will happen quickly.” ✔️
  8. “I believe in being Open, Honest, and Transparent”. ✔️
  9. “Words matter”. ✔️
  10. No more employee 401k match.✔️
  11. Alan gets $10,000,000. ✔️
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