Thread regarding Windstream Corp. layoffs

What it's like to work for Windstream.

Constant fear of being let go. No matter how long you've been there or what you've sacrificed. You're just a number. Your worth isn't equal to to the bottom line. If they laid me off idk what I'd do. I've given them my life for years...

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There's a multi million dollar system thats about to sit idle because they laid off the guy who was the SME.

But thats what you get when an accountant decides who goes and who stays.

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I have seen so many critical projects fall on the floor because they people responsible for them were let go with no backup plan.

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That right there is the kind of review that needs to be on Gl@ssD00r. An uncomfortable truth.

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Ya know... I'm a ex employee now. I had some very good years there.
All in all the people you work with are top-notch. When you get into upper management though.. things change.
I got a kick out of the bankruptcy. How it was pushed forward that they couldn't afford to give any salary people a raise yet every manager still got their bonuses.
You're right.. these days.. you're just a number. UNLESS you're in with the good'ole'boy group. Then you'll be treated well. Take that term with a grain of salt. It means that the more connections you make in the company with your sparkling team demeanor .. the better your chances to get rewarded.
At the end of the day.. I was happy I left for greener pastures. Though I still get a mild dopamine rush from reading these posts.. to remind me. I made the right choice.

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