Thread regarding W.B. Mason layoffs

WB ....... Can they be here in 5 years?

Who buuuutttt

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Leo treats paper better than people. That's why you got so many mad ex's.

Now people on here talkin sh*t about hard working former employees? Exactly why that company is twisted. If you're still there you are abused and dont even know it.

Time to wake up like Adam Scott in Severance.

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  1. 6 million is a fact , not an “ angry ex girlfriend “.

That 5.6 is for 3 states . another fact

  • If , and extremely probable, is that reps were on a commission plan company wide, not plans for each state , that equates to a figure closer to 30 million . Another fact .

Doesn’t seem like angry girlfriend, seems more like elementary dishonesty towards the employees. This lawsuit dates back to 2016, years prior to the covid layoffs .

They saaaaaaaaaawk .

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Hahaha, I like jumping on here and seeing what the angry ex girlfriends have to say. All the people complaining on here were probably fired years ago and for whatever reason can’t move on with their lives. Let it go fellas, there’s other fish in the sea…

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let’s see what happens with the class action lawsuit regarding the fake masks.

That one is for “ excess of 5 million”. Should mason lose or settle( which is a a strong possibility on both), that would result in a approximate 10 million+ loss in 2 years( if you combine it with the
commissions lawsuit).

Mason’s reputation as an ethical business has been lacking for years , and the trend to Amazon etc has certainly hurt business.

Bad things come to bad people— they deserve the worst

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