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USAA Culture. Things observed and heard in 10 years.

  • Couple of fine gentlemen loudly laughing about how they like to pull up to electric cars that have windows open and 'roll coal', flooring their diesel trucks to choke them with exhaust. Yeehaw!
  • Ex-military, USA EMG, father on a little league team using homophobic slurs about an openly g-y former USA executive.
  • In a skip level meeting with a former CIO, he professed his love for Fox News and complained that on a trip to San Francisco that the hotel did not carry that channel, looking around the room for sympathy. Are you supposed to challenge someone like this and have it affect your career?
  • Employee that would repeatedly disappear for half a day and secretly play golf.
  • Use of USA meeting rooms for bible study groups.
  • Managers sleeping with EMG. EMG sleeping with direct subordinates.
  • Pressure from managers to sugar-coat status up the chain, so as not to draw attention to issues.
  • Everyone responding to surveys with false positivity so your team does not incur action items to resolve team issues.
  • The 'USA dead eyes that you see. Long term employees that learn the futility of going above and beyond, and settle into doing just what is required.
  • Project Manager that had to repeatedly be told it is inappropriate to start meetings with a quick prayer
  • USAA PAC that funds some truly despicable, anti-democracy, vote suppressing, xenophobic, anti-LGBTQ politicians.
  • The reward for speaking up on things that need improvement is to be put in charge of the fix. This has the desired effect of making people have second thoughts about speaking up.
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Wow, so did you think people that work here just suddenly stop having their own opinions, political positions and religious beliefs that don't align to the company's? Did you change all of your beliefs and assimilate to every aspect of the company culture?

There will always be bigots, racists, homophobes and religious-minded people in this world. Just like there will always be people of color, LGBTQ+, and other nationalities. You aren't going to change that. And if you did experience or see that first-hand, hopefully, you called them out or reported it through the proper channels because I know the company would have handled it appropriately.

Some of what you saw over the years is just a reflection of those individuals and has nothing to do with the company. Oh, and the PAC gives a ton of money to both sides. The PAC is going to support whichever party matches the company's interests.

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