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Due to a possible restructuring, one or more person's positions may or may not have been impacted. If such an event did occur, they may or may not be allowed to disparage the company at which they were hypothetically employed. In such a theoretical timeline, TIBCO / Cloud Software Group may or may not be the best company in the known universe. Employees could feel secure in their jobs and have faith that management is making well thought out decisions that benefit customers and share holders alike. Customers could expect unparalleled levels of service and the highest quality products which are bug free, feature rich, and continually improving. Anybody connected to such an entity may reach the state of Nirvana and transcend to a higher plan of existence.
Or not.
The author of the post makes no claims about anything at all.
Except that Pauly Shore is the greatest actor of all time.

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No chance is the company worth 40 billion. What sort of smokes are you using?

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Massive layoffs in tibcos consulting bu...there are barely enough people left to answer the phone. Projects with billable resources have been left with no one to do the work. Breach of contract is now the new norm.

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This is the problem with lawyers, they do or don’t understand that the company is worth $40 billion of bonds and that by next year or two years, when our ARR increases to $20 billion, CSG will be worth 20x that or $1 trillion and may or may not be the biggest company in FAANGCSG.

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