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Outsourcing Ricoh Direct Service?

Heard that Ricoh has outsourced their Service Techs to a 3rd party in many parts of the US.

Most were given a choice of joining the 3rd party or leaving the company.

I hope they got a nice severance package if they decided on the latter.

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Ricoh manufacturing plant in Georgia. The warehouse personnel, just got fired and rehired into SBS logistics, or as they call it RICOH Logistics USA and there was no severance package. It was you take the new job or you go find a new job.

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Guess the dealers weren’t willing to be force fed anymore bargain MIF. Great choice for techs: way more work for less pay or “package”

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I heard a similar rumor like this awhile ago. It came from someone I considered a trusted source, but it never happened. Could be the new CEO decided it wasn't in the best interest of the company. The idea was that they would pay a separate service organization a fixed amount like they pay the dealers. That way they would never take a loss if the sales team sold at too low a service price. The floor would be the fixed reimbursement rate.
If this is true the technicians would not be offered severance if they were offered a job with the new company. Regardless what the new offer was. That's what happened during the dealer sell off.
Please post if you know more

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