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Reminded of my illustrious Splunk Mgmt Team Recently

Speaking to some colleagues from the company I was at before Splunk, I was pleasantly reminded of a story with one of my managers at splunk. I was going down to see a customer contact. The customer contact told us several times he could meet myself and someone else. So legit 24 hours before we are to go onsite, he cancels cause he wants to work from home. Unbeknownst to my braindead manager, I had driven down there the night before. Like 99% of splunk meetings I experienced, I knew 10/10 it would be a complete waste of my time to be onsite. I told my manager what was happening and I said. "So they guy isn't there, but you want me to hop in my car and drive 3+ hours down the interstate to meet with no one?" I swear on my mother, this dope says, "yeah, just go down, go onsite at their campus and start walking up to anyone in the office and network and talk to them...that's what we do....that's what you're here to do." In my over 20+ years of working with fortune 500 companies and just major companies all over the world and 1000s of intelligent talented people, this guy took the all time award for d-mbest thing I've ever heard in my career. The thing of it is, the guy cared about one thing, himself and his money and how he looked to mgmt. I am not even sure he cared about his wife and kids. I shaked my head when I read him telling me to just go down and realized, I am working for a subhuman. A bottom feeder. A person that is just about the manure of human beings. The dude would just as soon risk my time, my safety, my well being, (it was winter), my money, my vehicle to go and talk to anyone at the campus of this customer....oh and get a "great steak dinner" at (insert national chain I can go to any time). When I see his face today come across linkedin or something, I laugh, he realizes he's a fraud and I am happy to not work with a bag of manure like him. I think he actually got promoted.....why? Everyone else was gone. Loser. hahahahhahahahahahahahahahaa

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That's very true. used to work there. CS was brutal. Sales reps....just about the bottom of the barrel. Rude, constantly playing people against people, a few people were worst ever seen in my career. in states and in UK. many tossing mindless slide decks together. in meetings with my customers, they didn't even want to hear the sales or CS people speak. they knew. I knew. I felt bad for them so would kinda toss them some crumbs to act like they contributed cause felt bad. cheers!

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Many people like your manager in splunk sales and customer success. Take any job just to get out of there.

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