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Another metro-east Office Depot store will soon close

Another metro-east Office Depot store is preparing to close for good.

The Office Depot at 303 E. Homer Adams Parkway in Alton will close Nov. 11, according to employees at the location.

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My sympathies to you and fellow employees.

Here in my district each store is losing a member of management. For example I'm the Sales Supervisor for my store and my job will end on Oct 20. Other stores are losing their Operations Manager if they don't have a full time Sales Manager. My position will be replace by a part time Key Holder position that will only pay $10-12 at most.

I've been tired of the workload swapping with my Ops Mgr every other weekend working 9:30am to 7pm on Sat and 9:30am to 6pm Sun without any lunch break or other member of mgt on duty.

So I'm not so disappointed to be out of a job and hopefully I can find another one with a better company.

In all the Southern district stores I've seen like mine there's been no capital investment of any kind like a coat of paint. The linoleum tiles are original to the store built in the late 90s and are coming up in places and worn out in most all other areas. I mentioned this to the district manager last summer and the need at least to hire an outside contractor to clean the very marred flooring. The District Manager looked at me as though I had suggested we perform an obscene act. Nothing came of this.

Many customers know me from the decade I worked at the local Lowe's and confide in me the place looks terrible and the prices are ridiculous even though they trust my years of giving them great customer service at Lowe's and Office Depot.

I feel sorry for my Store Manager. He's under a lot of pressure to deliver wholly unrealistic and fantastical fantasy sales numbers and the ridiculous Loyalty Program sign-up numbers. He is out on the floor stocking and doing lots of other things simply because he has no budget to do anything but work like a dog.

We can't even pass muster on the odious Medallia survey system the way it's rigged. We can get 10's on my staff's service but then customers complain about the prices or store appearance which is out of our control and we get dinged for that.

I'm not sure which stores in the nation drive the sales that keeps boy-scout Kevin Moffat and his board in business, but the rest of the company is foundering and sinking fast.

At least I won't have to listen to more of the equally odious piped in muzak anymore after the 20th. There's only so many times I can listen to Sheryl Crowe wanting to have some fun until the sun comes up on Santa Monica Blvd. I actually used to live in LA and ran into that coked-up bi--h when she was an unknown more than 30 years ago.
That's a story for another day though...

I wish all OD employees I'm leaving behind the best of luck. Y'all need it.
The game at OD is rigged.

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