Thread regarding Splunk Inc. layoffs

The slower the integration, the slower the layoffs

Long time Cisco employee here. I started as part of an acquisition.

A word of advice: Drag your feet on every integration to cisco tools, services, and experiences, and jump to a new Cisco team at your first opportunity.

Cisco buys acquisitions to gut them and su-k them dry. The more integrated you become, the more "overlap" there will be. Anyone in HR, Legal, Finance - jump to a new team at Cisco as soon as possible. You're expendable.

Cisco will lay off the majority of splunk employees. Just be aware.

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“Where’s your compassion?” There are many past Cisco employees at Splunk, they can tell you Cisco has limited restructuring (LRs) AKA layoffs bi-annually to keep the stock price just above $50. Lately it’s been more often. (recently July 16, 2023 & October 19th 2023) Get ready to live LR-to-LR if you plan to stay.

Cisco has loyalty to no one and there is no “safe place” that doesn’t have layoffs. The worst and constantly hit often is CX. They do have generous lay off packages, that’s where they’re compassionate. (5-6 months compensation as of late)

The good news, Cisco won’t touch you for a a year or so. They will eventually just take the technology and the let the human capital go.

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There are a lot of bad human beings at splunk who have hurt people. That’s why the poster said fire them all. I’m not 100% on board with that, but there are people that have abused power and people and they don’t even belong in splunk or Cisco.

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Wow fire them all…. Really, these are people’s lives. Where’s your compassion.

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