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A Sinking Ship of Incompetence and Disappointment

Wow. Spot on. Had to share.

A Sinking Ship of Incompetence and Disappointment

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I wish I could say something positive about my experience with Splunk but it seems that the only thing this company has going for it is the legacy customers they're managing to hold onto. And frankly, I have no idea how they're even managing that.

The leadership at Splunk is a textbook example of incompetence. I've never seen a more disconnected and disorganized group of people who seem to have no idea what it takes to run a successful business in today's world. It's like watching a ship sink in slow motion, and everyone on board is just bailing water with teaspoons. The management team fares no better. They are utterly terrible at executing projects and seem to lack even basic understanding of the concept of teamwork. It's a wonder how they managed to get into their positions in the first place. The company culture is plagued with finger-pointing and blame games, making it impossible for employees to feel supported and motivated. When it comes to modernizing the product, Splunk is stuck in the dark ages. Despite the rapidly evolving technological landscape, the company refuses to adapt or innovate. Their product is outdated, cumbersome, and can't keep up with the demands of today's market. They've had countless opportunities to evolve and improve, but each time they've stubbornly clung to their antiquated ways.

Advice to Management
Fire Yourselves or fire sale to a private equity firm who will do it for you.

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I didn't write this either. Maybe you got lucky and you've been shielded from the bad apples. Just don't throw shade at others, like the person who wrote the review.

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I didn't write it. It was on glassdoor. You sound like you work in HR. You say put it behind you, but literally, people have PTSD from the place. I think it's a little harsh to just side step people's feelings and experiences. Do you have no empathy? Maybe you're a sales rep selling splunk at 40% markup, I really don't know. I have been offered to come back to Splunk, but joined a competitor two years ago. Have a blessed day!!

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I have to dissagree with almost all of your points, as an employee of over 6 years Splunk still retains a great culture and management from Gary to my manager have a clear understanding on what is required as we complete the cloud transition.

It does sounds like you are very bitter, perhaps move along and put Splunk behind you.

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