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May 30, 2019

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The benefits are good enough.


An extremely hostile and chaotic workplace with everyone stabbing other employees in the back to cover up their own mistakes and shortcomings.

The environment is an uncontrolled and disorganized startup still which they hold onto even though this has been a publicly traded company for years. The company has both young and older employees but the same theme is that most of them are inexperienced and unqualified for those roles, this leads to many mistakes and lost time and money and technical debt that they can't get out of.

I've seen and experienced first-hand harassment by managers and common workers who go on the attack not because they've been attacked but to cover up their mistakes and shortcomings. The management doesn't hire qualified people but their friends from other failed companies that they've brought in to turn the company into a cesspool of incompetence and in-fighting.

The unqualified employees who cover up their mistakes and fight with others do so because they want to vest their RSUs and make money that's why they're so aggressive with everybody else.

Advice to Management

The management is the problem so giving them advice is pointless. The Board of Directors must review all units and effective immediately stop all doling out of RSUs and change the compensation scheme. Employees in all units at all levels must be held accountable including in HR, Legal, Finance, IT, Marketing, Sales, and Engineering. An outside company must be engaged who reports directly to a regulatory agency, such as the Department of Labor with no ties or reporting relationships to the company be hired to monitor the company so it's corrupt practices are stopped.



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This is still right today. The absolute worst company I’ve ever worked at. I had this manager who instead of thinking for what the customer needed, he just read and commented on the things he didn’t like personally. He had zero tech experience and was just overall pathetic to work with. Splunk is not a tech company. It’s a marketing company for archaic software. Every dept they have that is on the business side could be replace by 16 yr old interns. Hahahahagaga

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