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You Could Have Fooled Me

P66 said on the earnings call last Friday that the employees are “fully embracing BT”.
I guess that’s what they get told when they visit the various field locations, but it’s as far from what I’ve seen as you can get.
I know a couple of BT Champions who are going through the motions because that’s what it takes to keep their jobs but I don’t know of anyone that is “fully embracing” BT.
Basically, employees want it to be over and to have survived.
My group has been told straight out that to ask any questions about BT will put a target on your back and criticism will get you laid off or even fired. So, who is going to speak the truth about how they feel under those circumstances?

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I’m not embracing BT. I’m pretending to while I actively search for other employment. I’ll leave when I get ready or when they lay me off, not when the previous posters tells me to leave.

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Mark has been pretty clear. Embrace it or be managed out. We need change people! We are not competitive. If you can’t embrace the change then leave.

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Agreed. Of all the lies that management tells these days, this seems the most egregious. Other than our tech manager, I'm not aware of literally anyone that has "embraced BT". Abject failure here

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