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SF-based Splunk to lay off 7% of workforce after being acquired by Cisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco-based cybersecurity firm Splunk announced Wednesday that it will lay off 7% of its workers. The announcement comes on the heels of a recent $28 billion acquisition of the company by Cisco.

In a letter to Splunk employees, who he refers to as “Splunkers,” Splunk CEO Gary Steel said the layoffs were “not a result of our agreement with Cisco,” but rather, “the continuation of important initiatives” undertaken across the company “for more than a year.”

“As we work to finish FY24 and look ahead, we are taking this proactive and strategic step that further aligns our workforce to better enable Splunkers to meet the needs of our customers and partners, while remaining sustainable and cost effective,” Steele wrote in the letter, which was posted as part of a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

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The layoffs affect about 560 “Splunkers,” according to Forbes.

Founded in 2003, Splunk has evolved into an artificial intelligence cybersecurity firm that states its purpose as building a “safer and more resilient digital world.”

The job cuts will impact employees across the globe, according to Steele. U.S.-based employees will be notified on Wednesday. Notifications for employees in other countries may take longer, he added.

Laid off Splunkers will receive a severance package that includes healthcare coverage and job placement resources.

“I understand and appreciate that this news is difficult to receive,” Steele said. “For Splunkers whose roles are impacted, I want to share my deep appreciation for the hard work and passion you have shown for Splunk and our customers.”

Steele is now a member of Cisco’s Executive Leadership Team, as a result of the company being acquired.

The company will also be holding a town hall on Thursday to discuss the announcement. It’s not clear from Steele’s letter if laid off Splunkers will be invited to attend.

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I came there from a well oiled machine of a company. I saw so many red flags that I was like this cant be real. The mgmt level.....bloated. I literally had a weekly call with one of the exec sponsors of my customer. She literally would get on the call and just be like "well, what's going on?" as if expanding/adoption/increasing ingest happened on a weekly basis. I pray to GOD she gets the boot cause she had been stealing money for years....aka her salary. I never wasted so much time in d-mb meetings as I did splunk. My group was lead by two guys who were as incompetent as they were a$$holes. They would purposely gnaw at people. Both of them were just horrible people. I actually felt bad for their wives and kids. I hope the bad people all get the boot. The place is HORRIBLE. I actually think Cisco would be worse off bringing any Splunkers in, but I know there are some good people at Splunk. It makes me sick to even have that company on my resume. And as for their products.....archaic and can be replaced by open source and some fancy excel formulas. hahahahhahha.

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Good way to avoid paying out those fat RSUs many Splunkers have. Commiserations to the 7%.

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skunk could never be saved

it had to be bought out by a legacy tech company and Cisco is where companies go to die

Cisco is the layoff king and more will be fired

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Lay them all off now rather than having them harass others and trying to get laid.

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This dude's whole entire goal was to line his pockets and get to real big tech. He did nothing for splunk.

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