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It Goes Both Ways

I’m often asked “why are you so down on the company”,you had a lot of good years with it?
I’m reminded of an old saying. It was said that you can have 100 “atta boys” but 1 “eff up” will cancel them out.
That’s the way I feel about the company now. Screwing ne over by laying me off undid all the good years working for it.

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I’ve got 30+ years and this by far the lowest I’ve seen morale. It’s depressing how low it’s gotten.

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Never seen moral so bad in 20 years
Bring back Kay Sallee

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Speaking of going both ways. What was up with the last question on the company survey?!? Why does it matter to the company?

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HCOC here and P66 retired with 30 yrs. Had my job cut twice but quickly picked up another spot within the company. Sometime around 92 I watched as company leaders forfeited their control to contractors who knew nothing about our business but was an avenue to layoff good people and please short term Wall Street investors.

With each passing year I watched a degeneration of employee treatment and participated in several silly little initiatives designed to impress mostly investors I think. I began to pay attention to the BOD and realized how weak it was. I recall one business decision that was so bad that if it weren’t for Fiat buying Chrysler, it may have been the worst business decision in the history of the world.

But, being down on the company is nothing more than a natural result of personal observation. Look at this company as a paycheck, not a career. You can be really good and get sent home tomorrow. Always be looking out elsewhere for something better.

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