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40th Year of the 1984 Reorganization

One thing about being at GM 30 years: Usually rumors that circulate are true. Starting to hear of another VSP package. Not only internally but a supplier I was talking with yesterday mentioned it as well.

Queen Mary will have to do something. 10 billion $ stock buy-back to quell investor unrest only lasts so long.

So far EV = 0 sales, 0 profit, 0 future. Long live ICE.

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The tailgate latch was the only thing that worked on my old GM truck. What a reversal.

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GM does have a competitive advantage.
Each truck comes with a tailgate deterrent system.
When a tailgater gets too close to the back of your new GM truck, the tailgate door can unlatch on it's own, sending everything in the back of your truck into their windshield.

Alternate business case:
With GM's new software defined vehicles, customers must subscribe monthly for safety features like door latches. If their payment lapses, the ability to latch doors is removed through a software update in real time!

Kidding aside, let's discuss the incredible safety fail of random truck tailgates unlatching. You could be driving down the expressway and someone's new GM truck's payload is dumped on the road at high speeds. People could die!

Speaking to the OP's concern about GM's predictive behavior, the constant preaching about safety is obvious lip-service. Everything is about profits. The lawsuits must be justifiable. Staff cuts and part cost-outs are just part of the way we do business.

Despite the record profits, you can easily project the abuse of suppliers (through non-payment), mass layoffs and draconian, arbitrary rules for employees for the near future. A five day, 8-hours in office mandate is just obvious at this point. You'll be tracked, timed and watched. You'll be accountable via Workday. Better start logging your activities to justify your existence!

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