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Gm took Government $$$$$ bye, bye workers.

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GM lays off workers because it still exists because of government bailouts ($11,000,000,000.) Seems right to me.

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GM used bailout money to pay the loans. The government lost over $11B in the deal. GM owes its existence to the taxpayers.

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Watched the video.

Does the Gigapress make a car in one piece that can't be fixed, or does it just help assemble all the pieces?

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  1. That government money was borrowed by GM, not "took" ($8.1 billion in June of 2009). That was 15 years ago!
  2. GM paid that money back WITH INTEREST a year later. Want receipts?

  1. The production Scotty is speaking of that "Moved to Mexico" is for very low scale EVs.
  2. Scotty admits that there are problems at the Mexican manufacturing plant and even says, "what a shock!".
  3. This isn't the win you think it is, troll. "Bye, bye workers"? You are a joke.
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