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Looks like some employees are being offered a MSP or PIP (reddit)

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This seems relevant. Often when one corporate trend solves an issue, other corporations follow suit.

Dell Technologies (DELL ) is slamming its foot down on its return-to-office policy.

It is reportedly planning to start tracking its employees via their badge swipes and VPN connections in order to make sure that they are working from the office, according to a new report from The Register. The tech company rolled out its RTO policy in February when it began mandating most of its employees to work from the office three days a week and work a minimum of 39 days each quarter.

Only employees who make lower salaries at the company have the option to work fully remote, but they allegedly risk losing the opportunity to land a promotion or an internal job opportunity.

Your attendance is a "behavior" that your manager is keeping track of. Do you think GM isn't already looking at badge swipes and VPN data? ;)

I believe there will soon be a day of reckoning for the people who aren't coming in.
I also believe afterward management will "punish the class" by forcing us to come in 5 days. You'll be able to WFH for special circumstances. This is inevitable.
Before shutdown. It will give people something to think about on their week off.

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Anyone else having problems zooming into meetings for their second job because of the new VPN settings? I was using my personal phone yesterday in the lobby but I can’t keep this up every day.

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i'll probably learn the hard way in the next month or 2 but in the meantime, what exactly are they doing for the vsp to incentivise employees to take it? guessing they get the standard month of severance for every 2 years?

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This kind of thing doesn't happen in MY department.
It's just another conspiracy theory.
I'm far too valuable to fire.
I put in too many long hours and paid my dues.
I told the universe it's my time to shine.
It will just affect the contractors.
They told me the job market is strong and that the consumer is resilient.
You guys worry too much.

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The disappearing personnel coincided with Mary not wearing the leather, and the introduction of the bo-b sniffing dogs.
I mean, what's next? Canceled EV programs and mass layoff? A five day in-office work week? A weak 2nd quarter report? We can't let it all fall apart before November!

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"People just disappear."

it is some sort of bermuda layoff triangle

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GM loves NCHs and H1bs because they're cheap labor.

The experienced employees are the ones they want to get rid of.

The problem with that is you lose capability and your quality suffers.

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They are just turning into an extremely evil and vile company.

They have a new college hire program that is suppose to project a positive company image. Now, they have turned that into a sacrificial ritual every nth quarter.

The reason why the foreign automakers are outselling them is because of their id--tic corporate practices and their dangerous wildfire decisions that are destroying their product quality.

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GM has a history of doing small continuous layoffs without announcing anything.

People just disappear.

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Yep…they are doing it again as planned…

Looks like this time around, hr is cutting corners. I’m hearing that there is an another $$$ amount this time, & people with a previous oopsy are given the 2 mentioned options: either a MSP or pip.

I guess GM got tired of people complaining about the conditions of the bathrooms.

Great way to improve morale..

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From reading Reddit General Motors, VSP have been given out to people since January. Thought not at company wide scale, it did affect quite a few departments and people.

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