Thread regarding WABCO Holdings Inc. layoffs

WABCO Holdings is currently held by Buffett (almost 3M shares)..

WABCO Holdings is currently held by Buffett (almost 3M shares)... Having him send his hawks and audit financials and have such a high expectations is never fun. I think WABCO will thrive but it's employees will be treated as disposable items as it's case with pretty much any company the old man controls. It's all about the bottom line and making profits above average. Nobody cares about workers, not even the Union... About WABCO: The company is tied to autos, but not entirely tied to the US-auto sector. It is primarily in safety and control systems for commercial vehicles, particularly on breaking systems. The market cap is a mere $1.3 billion, so the question to ask is just how much Buffett and friends can pocket here even if this is the Holy Grail in the commercial auto parts sector. This "Berkshire Sell" notion is not tied to the auto sector, but I just do not see how this stake is worth Buffett's time or effort. If Buffett wants to have exposure in various aspects of the auto sector, he could go into one of the larger gov backed or one of the other players and invest higher in the capital structure. If Buffett were to cut this one out of his portfolio, he'd bring in roughly $54M in cash.

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