Thread regarding SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering) layoffs

Everything is down

Enrollments, Student Retention, Placement, Morale. Nun said.

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It's always intriguing to read the ignorant posts from the handful of people who think nothing is wrong. Wow are you blind. I worked with the company for half a decade and you can bet that things were already falling apart before the Navitas sale. After the sale, the visual that comes to mind is: Titanic. Oh and the whole Expression thing is the nail in the coffin. Love it. Idiots.

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For Profit Edu sector is dead. Just look at this site, 50% of posts are for profits and the other half oil and gas

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Our SAE campus is floundering. The Campus Director is trying to keep morale up though

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Things are only "good" tell us that they are great. And what campus?

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Lots of these posts seem to be from Expression folks. Its unfortunate that you all are experiencing a bad time. I can honestly say that at the SAE campus where I work our staff morale is good, retention is good, placement is good, and the student experience is great. Maybe if you quit complaining on here and adopted a positive attitude things would improve where you are. Just a thought.

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I didn't think our morale could get any lower before here at our campus. I think we had one week when things sorta looked up. Then it collapsed again. There's BS happening at this place. And now with SAE San Francisco here, we realize how f'd up SAE really is. How on earth they got approval to buy is amazing.

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