Thread regarding SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering) layoffs

ExPression on the HCM List! Financial Trouble

Expression is on the HCM (Heightened Cash Monitoring list:

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To 86814 -- about that severance you're waiting for ......HAHAHAHA

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I miss the old ExPression. I can't even complain any more about management... BECAUSE THERE IS NONE!

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We're feeling it here. We had major layoffs a few years ago. Then we saw SAE go through one in the Fall.. and still bleeding. I'm waiting for my pink slip and severance.

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Look for another round of serious layoffs in an effort to stay in business. What once was a great college has been ruined by the SAE corporate bozos in Miami. It's too late to save Ex'pression now and is just a matter of time. I am one of the lucky ones, I found a job last week and will be giving my notice in ten days. Yippee.

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So they hired ex Everest people to work for SAE.........that's a damn shame

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Without a doubt there are more SAE campuses going on HCM because all of the campuses were pretty much operating the same way and having the same accreditation state licensing and FA issues but especially the clock hour schools. Compliance issues for accreditation can only get worse unless the compliance person not sure who #2 is but Michelle Ernst works for ACICS and knows exactly what needs to be done but when she first started she was getting nothing but push back from the good ole boys club at SAE NOT to mention that most of the executives that they were bringing on all hailed from a number of the very same questionable proprietary schools that have been raided closed bankrupt in the news and being called out on this website!!!

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I'd be worried about the compliance issues they have. They are NOW out of compliance in so many ways. And there are TWO compliance people who know nothing about ACCSC

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They believed we would be in good standing after the sale. Not the case. Not sure anything about SAE. Word on the street is that two other campuses will go into HCM1 for either administrative or financial issues.

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Not surprising... There have been several posts in this subject. How did that sale go through in the first place? Was expressions already failing? And does anyone know how Miami is doing with hcm2????

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So is SAE Miami.

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