Thread regarding SAE Institute (formerly the School of Audio Engineering) layoffs

Natives Shares Falls: CEO says enrollments are "moderating"

This article today says that enrollments are "moderating", in layman's terms... slowing down: synonyms: die down, abate, let up, calm down, lessen, decrease, diminish.

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Tom Misner is laughing all the way to the bank...biggest ponze scheme ever!!!

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As long as I get paid every two weeks, who gives a F about their stock.

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Nativas can only go down at this point. They have been sliding for the past 3 years. This is a company that is in debt and has to take out loans over loans to purchase things. They are banking that the enrollments will increase to pass the interests on those loans. We see this all the time. They overpaid for SAE and used loans and are not getting their return.

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I'm surprised they did not mention the issues SAE is having that affected Navitas.

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ExPression enrollments are down. We are getting no good leads. All the leads are going to SAE. Our marketing team was so much more effective.

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No mention of SAE? Probably because it's that depressing.

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