Thread regarding Heald College layoffs

Heald about to get a BIG reality check from the California Attorney General.

Expect a soon to be filed TRO followed up by a preliminary and permanent injunction requiring Heald: (1) to provide AUDITED statements to show that Heald will be able to stay in business. (2) disclosure of all (so called) offers for sale (3) a written to be SIGNED by ALL new students informing them that Heald may be shutting down before the completion of their studies. Normally this wouldn't have a snowball chance in hell of getting through court but when you have the President of Heald college saying that we are likely going out of business then the above is most likely to fly Good job 'Save Heald" campaign.

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Hey OP, you're an ass. You jump around from thread to thread spouting your capitalized lies. You got your ass chewed a couple months back by other posters, I thought you would have gotten the hint, f***ing troll.

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Reality check. The CA AG already has tried to get a TRO through on Heald. Didn't happen but then at least I READ the court file which you haven't.

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Oh, OP, you troll! You make it too easy to spot you! Thanks for playing.

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It's not CSAC that can bring the motion. CA AG can and probably will in short order.

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Hey OP, do you know when you are full of shit? I mean, do you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and say, "damn you're full of shit! And you look good!" Come on now, Like 282 said, the potential buyers have already met with the Cal AG so they know exactly what they are getting into if they choose to buy us. Quit being a fear-mongo ring troll for a minute and give shut the hell up.

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There's no "threatening them with liability." The reality is that she won't release new owners from liability. That part has been well reported on. As for the requests the OP talked about, that's most likely to come from CSAC, not the AG. I wouldn't be surprised if they were restrained from enrolling new students, though.

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Another Troll post. The interested buyers have had meetings with the CA AG already. That's how they know she is threatening them with liability if they buy Heald. All but three buyers have walked away. And why would she want all the information you listed? Her office has said they are not going to hinder a sale, just hold the new owners liable and the information you say they will request has no bearing on anything. Ididot.

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The vindication is long overdue.

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OP's post pretty much says that.

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The Save Heald campaign is an embarrassment and joke. It will likely backfire.

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