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Failing internal structure..

Customers come in for deals, help and service.

Let's see if you help customers with deals your job is at risk.

If you take your time with customers, your job is on the line.

If you sell them what they came for (ad item), your job is on the line.

Fry's pay money to bring customers in, but with no intentions on selling that item.

Fry's expect for sales associates to work hard on having customers returning to shop, but that could indirectly get sales fire.

Managers become managers because they hate selling and doing labor.

Fry's adds more tasks for sales to do for free because helping customers is just on a back burner for sales to figure out.

Almost any deal sales give to the customers come out of sales paycheck.

If sales lie, cheat or not show/give deals or ad items to customers, they can become best earners.

Fry's sales structure is a fail for fry's and customers.


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As a customer who has spent a lot of money at fry's I am appalled if it's employees actually work solely on commission and didn't at least earn minimum wage. a department store with that type of business model shouldn't be in business. If it's true good riddance, there are other electronics retailers.

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After reading the comments already posted I just have to say ...this company is the son was fired at 5 year anniversary for working 10 minutes off the clock. He was straightening up...waiting to give me a ride home on a rainy night. Oh yeah, he'd been written up for not completing tasks a week earlier...managers giving directives and no time frames considered a 5 day suspension first, returned for 4 hours and called in to be let go!

Happily 3 months later he is working full time at a job in which he learns, is appreciated and makes twice as much. Still, I am the momma! MR. Randy Fry: I WILL NOT LET THIS GO! YOU OWE MY SON AN APOLOGY... No oversight and fraternization led to lax enforcement of policy. My son was targeted because he told on a department manager handing off comission to female employees in their department. AM said he would follow up...well in a way he did .Let my kid go. Randy are you listening because all this was/is documented by my son.

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The other days I spent 2 hours with an unhappy customer. The customer insisted we sold her a unit that was outdated. She noticed the computer was doing an automatic windows update, so therefore her computer was an outdated model. In my two hours with her, I've made $0 . I'm glad I was able to help her and save her from returning the computer. Why just why was I not paid for helping her. I saved frys $1200 from being returned, also more valuable, I turned a mad customer who swered she would never return to frys, into a happy future customer. But my wage was $0 . Also the customer I was helping ended up buying from another sales and made $45 commision.

So yea I've seen similar employees that end up making $0 for their great customer service.

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Sad to see a company like this treat its front line associates the worst.

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Soooo true! Frys sales work harder at "not" giving customers best deals because it comes out of their paychecks. Wow also true that associates that give some of the best customer service, are usually the ones on draw (owe fry's money). And only when they turn to cheaters and liers, that they recover and prosper.

Mr randy fry's secretly telling all sales to sell sell sell but if you sell ad item or give necessary discounts it will be taken away from paycheck . Deals, bargains, discounts and great customer sales is what keeps customers coming back. Sad that that's also the same things that hurt salespeople. Great job Frys owners . Perfect recipe for out of business.

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This is so true: "your time with customers, your job is on the line" - any retail business who adopts this approach will fail, this is why Fry's is not doing well.

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