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What postions were laid off?

We already have one post trying to get a lay off count, but what postion, when did you get laid off, and what were you told when they called? If you're not laid off and have talked to somebody that was, what did they have to say?

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I've heard about the same thing. The ones I know of were from the maintenace side, from 5th gen rigs and several years with the company. One of them even had an engineering degree. They were told there was no place for them to go and wasn't sure when or if ever they would be called back. I'm sure the bulk of the lay offs are roustabouts and roughnecks worldwide, but it shows that no body is 100% guaranteed not to get the ax at this time.

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Most of the guys I have heard from that were layed off have been from the maint side of things. They said office called and said do to the down turn they had to let them go. Guys with several years with the company asked why they were not sent to other rigs to replace guys with less years and were told that the company had so much money tied up in training the new guy...they did not want to spend that money again to train them. This is understandable from their point of view but the guy who has stayed with diamond all these years gets left out in the cold. Looks like (this is just my opinion) they are tryng to push some of the older guys out the door.. But then again a couple of the guys I know are rather young and been with diamond for 10 years or who knows what they are thinking.

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