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hay not too shabby > of course I'm speaking in the context of using the Porphyry house system speaking of mercury retrograde which you may not be familiar with > hence your confusion with Saturn . Yeah ole Al was a dad gum genius but I doubt he'd be affected by all this mess God Bless him. Speaking of pei day uh, I mean pi day, haw haw

it looks like the bassildill brass will have their hands full for quite some time with $ issues so that area is out for a bit but mexio might get us some busness we'll need them for our 2nd quarter stats looks like

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Mr. Scents, I'm afraid you're mistaken about Mercury. It's not in retrograde, but Saturn is, as of today. Also today is Albert Einstein's birthday, which coincides with pi day (3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939 - Happy Birthday, Al) which is important to recognize, because Saturn is the future in the intergalactic exploratory drilling market. The Diamond Boys are working closely with Elon Musk and SpaceX to send a drilling crew to Saturn, with Steve Buscemi assigned as Area Manager overseeing the first Rig. Now you might be saying to yourself: How are we going to drill on a massive ball of liquid hydrogen? Well....that's the beauty of it, the drilling has already been done by Jesus back when the Big Bang happened. The liquid is sitting there for the taking! Hydrogen power is the future, and as we are consuming the hydrogen, the only by-product will be water, which will save our planet. You heard it here first.

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mostly after the 1st quarter (after 31 mar) april to be exact > mercury is retrograde now so mostly stuff is foggy > but when ole april rolls around > get ready for some quick fire decisions (no pun intended)

dodi bought some vantage assets (wont be announced till april sometime)

hay at the end of the day this is just business > that said, if you aint in the tx club, la club or the new uk club with ole mark e and others (meaning you don't know anyone really or have any solid connections) then your probably screwed > its just business folks

they dang sure should get rid of all the obese dead weight and folks with medical issues cause its a liability and the ole dogs that wont learn new tricks (its 2015 forrest) but same ole stuff in all companies really > its who you know not necessarily your skill level or experience and then there is the folks that will just be terribly unlucky

So to ham and bone and hee and haw and all the Yankees and everyone, good luck folks lets all pray we get lucky

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