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U.T.I. are you READY???

I'm certain you saw what happened to Corinthians colleges. Doesn't it sound all too familiar???

I truly hope you "get yours" for all the unethical things that have been happening within your

organization for way too long. I encourage you to read some of the posts on the Corinthians

page of this site. Employees "admitting" the wrong doings" from within - just like U.T.I.

I am still open to talking to the media or anyone that can expose what truly happens from

within, and Kim, I hope they close your doors and turn the campuses into Salvation Army Donation centers...

One thing for sure....Kim, you will not have to worry about taking a $400k paycut.....Rot in hell !!!!!!!!!!!

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UTI, here it comes. Marinello gets shut down, you have to know they are looking at your school to. Good luck. Oh, and by the way the F.B.I should be looking into all the upper level management for insider trading especially you Kim.

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The reason they haven't been on the radar is because they lobby and are good at hiding things..UTI uses deceptive practices to enroll students. For example....they use "Manufacturer Partnerships" as a way to separate themselves from their competition. The fact about those relationships that is hidden is the fact that besides Motorcycle, and the Elective training such as Ford, Toyota and Nissan hardly any kids get selected into those fancy programs they have like Mercedes, BMW, Volvo,etc. The last info I had on that was only about 350 kids got selected. Now think about that for a moment: 12 campuses, average of 1500 students per campus per year and 350 of them are getting a chance to go into the programs that are sold to them. ALL of their representative (field and campus) work on quotas they have to fill. They make it sound like the student is "selected" when in fact they will enroll any student who has a pulsa and the ability to sign their name.

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UTI has not been on the media radar as much as COCO, EDMC (Argosy, Art Institutes, Brown-Mackie, South U.). ESI (ITT Tech), Career Education (Cordon Bleu and others), and even some bigger schools like University of Phoenix and Devry.

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