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Unisys Salt Lake City Layoffs in 2016

Do you know if we will be having layoffs here in Unisys Salt Lake City. I have been hearing many rumors and I am not sure what to believe in. Please let me know as I am very anxious. There are also some rumors that our business has been picking up lately which would be a very good thing for all of who might be on the chopping block for the next round of job cuts.

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Unisys is going to layoff 8% of it's global workforce.

I used to work in the SLC location. I'm so glad I got out of that dump.

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No, Unisys has laid off multiple people, including a few friends of mine in the Software Engineering and Systems departments at the SLC location. Second, Unisys is on the downward spiral before getting the ax, its revenue is not increasing, it is currently in a huge decline:

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