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Remote workers (teleworkers) are being let go first

The layoffs are in progress now. Remote workers (teleworkers) are being let go first. Those who have been with EDS/HP for a long time are also being cut. HP says teleworkers need to go into an office but the problem is that HP closed many offices a few years ago so there is nowhere to return to. Workers in NY are also some of the first to go. One team was composed of 85% teleworkers. Within the last week they have lost 35% of the team. It is fully expected the rest of the teleworkers including the manager to be let go. There is no lower management input involved with most of these layoffs. This will prove interesting as this will bring the large NMCI account to its knees by removing some of the key people who keep these systems running. Navy beware........ Meg had better sell HPe soon as things, short term, will look good, but down the road things will get very bumpy. I view this round of layoffs as short term corporate greed.

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Looks like HP has nearly completed the process of getting rid of 95% of the AMER teleworkers. While letting AMER staff go, they were hiring in Costa Rico and India to offset AMER teleworker costs. Basically paying less than <0.30 on the dollar for untrained staff.

Some customers were affected and have told Meg and other HPE management they want their skilled AMER engineers - some were kept, not all. Looks like another round is coming up in 2017 and folks have walking papers for this April. Some sooner. Too many of my friends have been affected by HP and its failures. Corporate greed, Millions of dollar bonuses to top staff members for crushing a company to failure and failing its work force.

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How do they define "Low Cost Locations"?

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Odd that HP came out announcing more layoffs yesterday, and referenced the increased number of workers in what they call "low cost locations" in Enterprise Services, yet they are pushing teleworkers out or back to offices. Aren't teleworkers the cheapest as far as overhead for HP?

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Former EDS'rs are SCREWED!

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I just got let go from a sales job at HP for being a meager 99% of my quota, where incompetent peers of mine were at 15-30% with two months to go in FY15. HP has gone from being a wonderful employer to a cost cutting machine with no boundaries and no considerations for people who have been employed there for many years and who are very successful. All Meg and her motley crew want to do it to cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and cut costs and say to hell with customers--actually, recent ex-customers who have dropped HP's products--and to productive, well paid employees who were worth the money that they were paid. Shifting jobs fro hi-tech hubs to some cornfield in Arkansas, along with offshoring every possible job to the net detriment of its customer base will absolutely bite HP's but in the long run.

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meh, nothing new, happens everywhere and will continue, just need to make sure you are prepared to move. Randy Mott did the same thing with HPiT a few years back, now HPES is doing it.

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I got the axe from HP last October and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I should have left years ago but after you have invested so many years, it is hard to leave. Now I am in a position where we consult and advise to government entities, and we have regular meetings with hardware vendors to learn what they are up to... EMC, Dell, Cisco.... everyone except HP who we can't get to talk to us. HP has almost zero mindshare here among my peers. Connect the dots to see the results.

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This is absolutely corporate greed. Five years ago HP kicked great deal of employees out of the offices to save money then sold off and closed sites. Some of us moved other cities because we could work remotely. Now for Meg to demand everyone come back with no place for many to go is a long-term plan to fire a bunch of us.

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I suppose I was one of the lucky ones, I was 67, with over 19 years at HP, when we got the notice to move back to non-existant office, so I just pulled the plug and retired. You could see the writing on the wall when a majority of our technical staff was sent to Autonomy, who are also laying off, and replaced by $7/hr people in Costa Rica, who, as soon as they have gotten a year of so of HP time, quit to work someplace else.

The really bad part is not HP not caring for their employees, it is really affecting how customers view HP.

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Worked at HP for years....resigned right after Meg joined and never looked back.

The company is a dead man walking. The majority of technical talent left HP years ago. There is not 1 good reason for anyone with top tier marketable skills to be at HP. Even the existing employees hate

Meg is just another greedy executive.....nothing special, minimal leadership skills, limited vision.

You can't cut your way to profitability........short term gains at the expense of long term viability

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Just so that Ben Franklin (a.k.a "Meggers") can claim she turned the company around. The whole plan smacks of "i have no idea wtf im doing, so Ill just whack everyone, call it revenue, and sip away at my martini while people are out on the street pan handling". 5 Year turn around plan my @ss...squeeze one Meg. You sux!

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Take it from a "source" - yes this is very true and its being done by proximity to the home office, not by quality of work or if you're a home slacker (which EASILY could be verified by review of logons to a workstation, Lync availability, security door swipes, or any number of 100 different ways). Instead its far simpler to say, "if you live X miles from the office and don't want to trek, you're fired". Not based on talent or production the least. And the comments above are correct: I've never taken a business course in my life, but even I can read the writing on the wall. It reads "hey lookie, HP ES made $3 billion dollars this year..." No you didn't, you merely eliminated the salary/benefit expenditures for all the poor people you fired. I would be completely for the cut, if it were targeted at cutting dead weight. But its not. Its targeting the company's bottom line

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Hey people, Meg needs those savings so she can spend the next 3 months in Spain partying every day like she did last year, and send out e-mails to tell the employees stuck in their cube farms how awesome the party in Spain is (while our execs bribe officials like crazy).

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The really stupid thing is that our managers have to pay something like $1000/month out of THEIR bucket to another bucket in HP for every employee seated in an office - now... not that we were getting decent raises (not even keeping up with inflation, let alone considering seniority and experience) before, but where is my manager going to get money now to pay raises? Oh yeah... he won't have any money. Not that it matters, because they "refocused" our performance reviews so nobody achieved goals, even when we actually, you know, achieved goals.

Why would I keep working for HP when they make me spend another $400/month and 15+ hours of my week driving, when I can drive another 5 miles farther and work for a competitor, who will pay me 20% more? Workers in our state already got shafted into an office that won EDS/HP a huge tax break, at the expense of all of its workers paying city income taxes. We've already seen a lot of defections, this news will only accelerate it. HP's moronic executives have made it clear: Everybody has a target on their backs, they only want to keep the few who are desperate enough (low esteem) to grovel for their meager paying jobs.

EDSers now know how Palm employees felt. It's a firesale, as HP tries to bury Enterprise.

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Agree with everything written here. As a long-time employee, I've seen my share of misguided senior-level decisions and this one takes the cake. I've actually seen HP marketing material titled "HP Technology at Work / WFC: Work from cabana" ... here's the intro: "Summer is in full swing—time to take advantage of summer hours and embrace the “Work from Cabana” mentality. Not only is working outside the office a great way to mix up your routine, studies have shown that people who spend more time in natural lighting versus artificial lighting see an increase in productivity and alertness. Ready to give it a try? Here are a few things to consider so you can work confidently, wherever you find yourself this summer."

You can't spell "hypocrisy" without "hp."

You all will find this gem-of-a-video entertaining, enlightening, and insightful:

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I don't see a comment I disagree with. HP loves to sell in the US but hates to hire there. When they do, there will then come an assignment to transfer knowledge overseas. This is also about age discrimination--US workers are older. Yes, more knowledgeable, more experienced and more skilled--but older--and they don't live in countries where 75% of population essentially lives on the street. You think CEOs making 100 times the skilled labor is outrageous? This is not the end. It's the beginning of the end. Save your cardboard boxes, middle class. You're going to need a place to live. Either that or dump the Democrats and the Republicans--both are fat and happy at the public trough. Both feed on us while getting their most desired bribes from Wall Street. If we want change, we need to start with pulling out the old at the roots.

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The gap between senior management and those going the work is vast, get rid of those career surfers who are just looking for the next career move and move up managers that know the company and business. Getting rid of teleworkers is reducing the working week of these people who generally go the extra mile in both time online and effort to get the job done.

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Moral is at an all time low all over - not just in the States. Those staff left are continually being pressured to work longer hours to make up for team reductions in the recent past & it just continues to get worse each month. The call for voluntary redundancies has become the 'norm' sadly.

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Stupid as hell, Meg. You used to get 14 hours a day from my spouse working at home, but now the company loses two hours of that to commute time.

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OMG, if I was reading these comments and not knowing the company was HP, I would think you were talking about VERIZON, wireline side. Corporate America is out of control.

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They know nothing of talent management, nor do they want to. They only care about how far they can cut before they break everything. Sad Really when you think of it. They are not only targeting the Teleworkers, they are going after all High Cost Headcount in the US and either killing off the role completely or moving it offshore.

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Very true! I think it was a ploy, close offices, send people to their home offices, THEN go after teleworkers who can't find an office to go to. Job hunters beware, HP, especially Enterprise Services has ZERO interest in the employee. It's all about the almighty dollar and how much cash the high-level executives can stuff in their pockets. How many millions does one person need anyway? The morale is at an all-time low, HR rules the managers and the entire place is destined for failure. Sad sad sad, I am job hunting...

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