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Scotiabank Layoffs 2015 and 2016

Many folks are simply shocked, it's hitting the back office support staff the most. I have not anticipated this, Scotiabank was good to me and I hope that I will not be hit this time around. I hear that TD is cutting resources today too, this is not a surprise as they have done it before. Many jobs are still going overseas, I simply do not know how Canada is planning to deal with such a big loss of good and well paid jobs. Just look at what happened in Calgary, with tens of thousands of people losing jobs due to oil slump. Now financial services are being hit, gosh, RIFs, layoffs, redundancies, is this ever going to stop. I hope we are done for 2015 even though I hear that Q1 2016 might be bloody as well.

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National Bank of Canada too, several hundred this week, FS is not good place to be in right now

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