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Any updates on layoffs

I worked for Maxim from 2001 to 2007, it was very stressful time and I have many friends that left with me. I really did not like my boss as she was a control freak and micro management, but I liked the company and I wish if things worked out. Now I hear that some groups might be hit with layoffs, any updates here? Since I left I kind of changed career paths, now I am in Insurance, my transition was a bit easier as I was in IT.

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They've been laying off people as part of normal business operations for several years now. Used to be they'd try to hold onto people but that time has passed. Of course, the fabs are mostly closed or have new owners. Many support functions are now in the Philippines. Basically, anything that can be moved there is or will be.

If you look at their financial results they keep finding ways to increase the dividend and stock buybacks even though the revenue hasn't increased that much.

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