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Maybe we should take an initiative here?

Why not just look for another job instead of waiting for your turn, we all know layoffs will continue? If you are in the back office you are hosed. It is possible you will be laid off eventually or later on down the road, you've only survived that round of layoffs. What some people fail to realize is that if they don't leave now, their peers who were also laid off will be their competition for other jobs out there that they may better closely qualify for. Don't wait. Get out now while you can. The bank is going to continue to keep slashing where they can. They cut multiple folks from the group I was in and each time they did it, they would tell us that they were done. They are not done..

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This is a harsh reminder of the constant threat of corporate downsizing. Very few of us haven't experienced this rite of passage over our careers. It has never been more important to have a Plan B. Employers don't take care of this for you. I too was a middle management bank employee with a post-graduate degree and years of experience, downsized at the magic age of 50 (the kiss of death). It is virtually impossible to find another job if you're in your 50s. I had never been unemployed prior to that, but it was an eye-opener, for sure.

If after years of service, your job was made redundant and you are now seeking meaningful change, then you are not alone. It has never been more important to have a Plan B, and employers don't do this for you. If this describes your situation and you are seeking inspiration and ideas, a way to create a new income stream and help others, then go online to, become a member for free, and join our Meetup group, Keep Calm and Hire Yourself in Toronto (we also formed Barrie and Collingwood chapters). The best way to predict your future is to create it. Join us and take control of your life.

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It's easy to say that, but if you are over 55 it's very hard to change jobs as nobody wants to hire you.

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