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Seeding group and cylinder

220 indefinite at seeding and cylinder group... Starting mid February

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Sounds like john deere is no longer THE job to go for, no one can trust this company wont surprise me if farming as a whole is drastically changed, only rich farmers can afford to keep farming anymore because farming equipment sucks everything is designed to fail after a few years at least not a good investment.

I am on my second layoff I hope things turn around but it looks like I will have to try some other career, I enjoyed the short driving distance to get to work and the money and benefits but it's not worth it if you are going to be fired before you even get more than 3 years in the place, no matter how well you worked.

I say either the company do something to get people back even if it's just labor work detail like paining, sweeping cleaning toilets just keep us in their, or just shut your plant down. If you have so little work that you have to get rid of most of the work force then you are a defunct factory that is just polluting and taking up space.

Oh and get rid of the stupid union those guys done nothing for me.

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2016 layoffs will not be fun, we are not in 2016 yet and we have several announcements

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