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13+ Years and counting

13+ Years and counting

I would like to add to “Need to Vent” from Thu 12/10/15

I help design the current Unity Platform some 13 years ago. We were done and then they had a layoff. If you want to look for a signs of a layoff read the QT Conference Call Transcript. It was clear that a layoff would happen. By custom it’s on a TH before people take off for a major holiday break.

CardoMeds had a bad QTR so they shut down Sweden over the weekend. We say the email on Mon morning. I worked with several people there. The company would spend to buy more companies and guess what a layoff.

We also had the “Did you get the LETTER”. It was a ship up or get let go letter. I only knew of one person who made it through the process all the others were let go.

MDT is killing STJ on the ICD side. STJ won’t have a MRI ICD like MDT for a while. It would mean more layoffs in Q2. Watch the Q1 earns to see what would happen. STJ let a lot of the ICD medical people go one RIF ago. They had hope that Plano would carry the company. MDT is killing STJ. The 2 past HW VP’s killed the product and the product line.

We don’t have enough people or experience to design a new product line let alone maintain our current products. We have let go or watch so many people experienced people go that we can’t handle any problems with our current or future products.

Dan got out because stock buy backs won’t work anymore. He will get his stock options and other things on Jan 1st 2016.

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