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Trying to keep a good attitude

The whole situation is unfortunate. the medical device industry is very unique. I am just lucky to be here. It’s a challenge every day. The responsibility on us can be overwhelming. We have to ask ourselves if we would allow this new technology to be surgically implanted in our friends and family, as a “gut check”. Oftentimes, some great ideas (lots of time and money) go into the scrap bin from that criterion alone. We are helping people that need it desperately. Focus on that. I don't know why they do what they do. I can't control it. Trying to keep a good attitude. I like working with y'all.

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EVYnOvQ-qkm what a crock of bullshit, the expensive medical devices is what your bitterass got paid a salary to build for years. Obamacare? how the hell is this whole situation related to obamacare? As if people that is under obamacare dont pay a premium? oh i get it, ONLY the insurance companies get to make money, while the rest of us rot to death.

at least sjm talks about the patients it helps, you? you dont even fit to work for this industry, good luck finding another job you ungreatful POS

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We don't need more new expensive medical devices that will paid by taxpayers for deadbeats on Obamacare. So, good bye wasteful medical industry, you voted for it.

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