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W.W. Grainger Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of W.W. Grainger layoffs in Lake Forest in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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GWW down $100 from its high

Any doubt why Ryan & Jardin left

Amazon is on record 2017-18 GWW was the target

Ryan on is on record he was not worried about AMZN Little did we know he was bailing out

with his millions of dollars laughing all the way to the bank

Leaving employees holding the bag of sh--t he left

This time next what will stock price be? $60??

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Top 1% showing total lack of confidence in company's ability to turn things around dumping every share of stock they can

The Board is old school and don't have a clue Confirmed by comments they said on Ryan leaving

Employees are feeling the brunt Benefits being cut

Moral at all time low -you are just a # - co could care less You will be layed off in a nano second to save a few cents

It becoming public knowledge

check out what Bloomberg & others including industrial trade publications are saying

Looks like the decline is really going to speed up

MRO pricing is in a race to the bottom

Great for customers thanks to Amazon

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Um READ the older post & look where we are today

Ryan & Jardin leaving GWW dumping all their stock

Stock buybacks unable to keep stock price propped up .

AMZN slowley taken customers away

Margins dropping at an alarming rate

Employee moral in the toilet

Where will Grainger be in 5 yrs???

Shame on the Board ,Dave Grainger & Jim Slavic

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Post here are not going to change a thing

Wake up the Board of Directors

Light a 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 with a letter

Get everyone in your network to do same

Even if you are gone do it for your bro

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Unable to withstand Amazon competition. Using stock buybacks to slow decline in stock price

Watch insider stock sales .Rumor has it top 1% actively looking to get out The legend of Grainger is dead

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Buybacks holding stock price up

While Amazon is pricing us right out of business & stating. Aggressive move to nail national accounts

2017 setting up to be a bloody bath

Good old boy Board is out of touch

Top 1% will still get mega bonuses

Amazon is hiring !!!!

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To the suit who says it is all lies

Visit some locations

Walk around by yourself and communicate with us one on one

We both might learn something

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Forget newspaper radio station



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Lies ? U must be one of top1% making more in one year than my PST will be after 25

Dare u to get down & dirty & meet with hard working loyal employees

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I work for Grainger and I can tell you those 2 posts below are absolute lies. People, please don't believe that garbage. It's obviously someone with an agenda or vengeance. Yeah, you GO to the news stations buddy! You'll be laughed right out of town. Grainger is doing what is necessary to stay relevant in the industry and they're doing everything they possibly can for those negatively affected by the reorganization. I am so proud to call myself an employee and I am posting anonymously so that should say something. I'm not trying to win points with anyone. Seeing all this BS posted really makes me mad.

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They are doing bad. Laying off all of Territory Sales/Branch Managers, making customers pay there way to Orlando Convention and lastly selling Zoro products which Grainger owns at a 60% lower cost than Grainger....same indentical sku and item. Heard they are trying to sell to a large Chinesse investors hence leaning out th org.

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Grainger cheats there employees out of there profit sharing. They laid off hundreds of employees on December 4th, told them they are not eligible for there share. The profit sharing usually go in November 4th. They change the date, this company has turned out to be a nightmare. Everyone needs to come together and sue them.

I am going to the news stations, it time to put them on blast!!!!!

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