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Deere has been moving it's manufacturing to other countries.

Like all modern manufacturing companies they are under pressure to cut costs and turn a profit. The American consumer looks for the cheapest product without regard to the country of origin. Every state has its share. Why do we allow wealth creation activities to leave our country? Why are the middle classes being built in other nations and not our own? Consumer Debt, Credit Cards and uncontrollable spending on things that are all designed to fail. In the old days stuff was made to last. Now it is just junk. When American manufacturers are punished for not having an overseas operation it is time to look really hard at the government that made it all a reality...

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Farmers have for years made a huge profit the machines are supposed to be cost reducing but apparantly it doesn't work.

Unless you farm a huge amount of land you just dont make enough money.

Personally I think farmers have just gotten greedy.

I hear john deere is starting to hire back people but I'm still far down the list at this point, but do hear early 2017 could be a turn around they are waiting to see what kind of tax breaks they will get I guess.

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That cheaper labor comes at the expense of labor dollars leaving this country. As low as foreign pay may be, over the decades this adds up to a significant transfer of wealth to foreign countries. It's a slow process, but it has been going on for decades and we're starting to see the long term effects of moving those dollars out of our economy. It is essential that we replace global trade agreements that make American workers compete for jobs against foreign companies who pay so little that there are suicide nets to catch people trying to jump to their death. An agreement loosely based on currency exchange rates would automatically adjust to the market. Sadly, it appears that we have a conman and a 'conwoman' about to attain their respective party's nomination so things will likely continue to get worse.

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Said the guy who couldn't even spell "KNOW"


Yes part of it is the farmers not making enough profit though I'd say they have made tons of profit in the past and now that they have to make do with less which is what the technology is supposed to allow at this point anyways but doesn't work, just tells me this industry is going down the tubes. I'm a laid off worker at deere I loved my job but I have no love for a company that lays off employees indefinitely every few years which has happened to me personally now.

a 36 billion dollar company cant afford people? Hell I'll paint around the factory sweet everyday if it keeps me on the floor with the benefits, and when they have real work they send us to where it is, instead of waiting for a call everyday that doesn't come.

We need a President that cares about those who lose their jobs because of a flawed industry, we need a President that gives us job security. The Union needs to be disbanded indefinitly they have no more use, they were supposed to be the guys that got me my job back quickly and with better pay but nope instead they are the yes men of factories for the last several years, nothing but a political group now.

Get rid of the union, offer better job security, I dont want to fear lay offs anymore it's hard enough paying for the stupid taxes and mortgage for owning a damn home as it is!

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When all the good jobs are gone and everybody is making min wage with no holidays, vacation, 401k, medical, etc then we will finally be able to get everybody on board with the $15 min wage

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It has nothing to do with government or taxes. Farmers cant afford to buy equipment when the price of corn is below $4.00 a bushel and beans are at less than $9.00 per bushel. You are all Idiots who no nothing about supply and demand economics.

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