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IL Layoffs

No company is leaving Illinois and Deere's not shifting the jobs elsewhere. The layoffs are due to very low demand. So yes IL economy sucks and Springfield keeps pouring gas on the fire but this is a result of the national and worldwide economy that sucks as well and DC keeps pouring gas on that fire too.

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Oh but it does seem that Deere IS slowly but surely out-sourcing work that was previously performed in-house to facilities out-side of the US. Slowly diminishing the workforce required. Who's to say when they will stop.

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Lets remove the politics out of this and really look for the cause of this which may be the 1% top income brackets who own mega shares of John Deere stock. The big stock holders aren't happy they aren't getting their higher percentage profits, so the heat is on the top execs at John Deere to increase profits so the 1% can make more money that they will promptly take and hide in off shore bank accounts. Great Americans those 1%---yup they are all for the working man---providing he makes them richer so they can get MORE money to hide offshore from our U.S. taxes.

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