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They just let twenty something in sales go..Too many "ugly" deals. calling a shop that spends $1000.00 per month a "winner" gain!

They are literally giving away money in the name of share gain. It is a shame what is happening. I have personally seen very large investments in grossly overstated shops, while long time customers barely get discounts. AXALTA IS DYING...This once proud, strong American brand reduced to wall street wolf scat....

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Dark Water is a movie about DuPont and how they took advantage of their employees as well as the rest of America and our planet. This is why DuPont sold off all of its assets and has allowed itself to be nothing more of a shell of its former self. Anyone who buys AXALTA products has contributed to their own demise, from independently owned body shops to the the multi shop operators. Have a conscience the next time you spend your money on refinish materials. I worked for DuPont as did my father. DuPont employees of the past are rolling over in their graves, we DuPont employees still above ground are embarressed and embittered beyond words can describe.

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Well, that's very comforting to hear. Maybe my source is also wrong that more layoffs are to come, and that the next round will be even larger, and will reach every level.

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