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Siebel / The Keystone Conversion Disaster

The Keystone conversion disaster(also known as Siebel) is where this so-called technology company switched out its master computer system in a really stupid manner. Retail stores, factories, delivery, customer service and all departments were put on the same system for unifomity and the ability to all see info on customers and their orders that others see. In theory, it's a great idea. The problem is this brilliant technical company shut down the old systems before the new one was operational. Rather than do what every other smart company does, they didn't keep the old one operational until kickoff of the new. During the down time, while leaving stores to do old-fashioned paper orders, they instead transfered data from one to the other. Guess what? Some of it took; some of it didn't. And some orders entered into Siebel by stores somehow weren't seen by manufacturing and/or delivery. What used to be a two-week wait for fullfilment has become months for some customers. Needless to say, many have cancelled, and spread the word via the worldwide web. Look at sites like pissed consumer or consumer affairs for details.

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Even if data transfer had gone well, this system is a joke. There are far too many steps involved to complete simple tasks and transactions.

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When I worked for Sleep Number, the corporate butt kissers would claim we were a technology company, just like Apple. I about puked. If I were still there, I'd have to say we weren't just like Apple, as Apple founder Steve Jobs never went to prison.

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