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Illegals worked here for decades known by the company until exposed to HR by a disgruntled employee whom was layed off. As for those still left working now, they belong there. Either they are excellent machinists or they are hard working good machinists who simply out worked lazy good machinists. Good pay and benefits. These homos on here crying about logan were right there working knowing the same info they are crying about now. Should've done something about it then instead of being a pussy.

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Yeah , that fat lazy thief , but I guess after the Previous owner who’s another big mouth thief groom that fat pig Able , but it’s not all lost Able got shown the door . It really is a sorry a-- company and one day Able and George will meet there maker on the grill of Hell ...

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This company is screwed Karma strikes again . Machinist or scrapers . People new for decades yeah you stupid pussy must be in management . Trying to save the company with your stupid remark . You know damn well what happened there . What they did was keep the best snitchs , suckasses and lets not forget the Mexicans . Your first class machinist are really first class broom operators . Now you get back sucking that fat bastard assit can't be a cock . The reason is your dummie is because there is none You Pussy ........ Able is watching you ... LOL......

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